Thursday, June 21, 2012

{ List No. 5 - Sweet Summer Fun }

   Back in October I turned thirty and challenged my self to thirty lists of thirty things for my thirtieth year. You can see what a slacker I am, this list being a measly numero 5.  I have been incredibly blessed to be surrounded by some close friends who are amazing about being intentional in how they parent and do life. And it's an area I really want to grow in as a mother. With all the pinterest inspiration out there, none of these things are my original idea but even so I still wanted to take the time to sit down together and plan some fun into our summer. Summer for us means daddy is gone to work the most hours, hence we have the least amount of time together as a family, it's the nature of having a husband who works in road construction. And knowing me, it just won't happen unless it's easy to do on a weekend or week night, inexpensive, and relatively easy to pull off without too much prep work. So with all of these things in mind,  we sat around the table last night at dinnertime and each put in 6 votes for our top 6 fun things to do together this summer. Because, as the saying goes...   

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  1. meet daddy after work for a picnic ( mommy )
  2. blow big bubbles, and here's a how-to, so you can too( Annabelle )
  3. lemonade stand( Annabelle )
  4. backyard bbq with the neighbors
  5. water fight ( daddy )
  6. finger paint
  7. frozen yogurt run ( Jack )
  8. nature hike ( daddy )
  9. sleep under the stars ( Annabelle )
  10. splash park
  11. badmitton ( daddy )
  12. day at the lake  
  13. outdoor movie night ( Annabelle )
  14. fireworks
  15. bike riding ( Jack )
  16. Saturday morning yard-sale shopping ( Annabelle )
  17. baseball in the backyard (fun variation,use water balloons)
  18. slip and slide ( Jack )
  19. pillow fight ( daddy )
  20. aquatic park fun (daddy )
  21. pick berries ( mommy )
  22. water balloons + squirt gun war ( Jack )
  23. concert in the park
  24. Vacation Bible School ( Annabelle )
  25. ice cream sundaes + Madagascar 3 (Annabelle didn't forget that you promised Poppy :)
  26. build a campfire
  27. jump rope
  28. read, read, read and read some more ( mommy )
  29. pick a big bouquet of wild flowers ( mommy )
  30. make a living room race track ( Jack )

And a few extras because I couldn't keep it at an even thirty: 
a ding dong ditch ( mommy )
glow in the dark bowling ( we are going to put stick glow sticks in clear plastic water bottles and use our glow in the dark soccer ball to knock our pins down ) ( Jack )
cloud watching ( mommy )
make mud pies ( Annabelle )
pintrest craft/art project day
watch the sun set
make jello + fruit salad
bake cherry pie
hot date- patio seating ( daddy )


But now I am ever so curious? Tell me, what are your favorite summer traditions? 
Now I better run before I miss out on the first pitch of tonight's back yard baseball game!


    shabby girl said...

    As hectic as your life must be, by the looks of your list, you have definitely got your priorities straight!
    Congratulations on your upcoming addition! What a wonderful (not so) little family!

    hi-d said...

    What a fun list! I see a theme of water activities here...enjoy!!!

    Andrea said...

    love this list - especially the glow bowling - so creative!! we like to hit the road & camp or go somewhere new in the summer as we both (usually) have the summer off - it's freedom time! :D

    I'm sure you, David & the littles will have a blast this summer xo HOME and AWAY............. said...

    Chelle, I love your list and it was fun to see who voted for what. Our own summer list has brought extra excitement into our activities. Enjoy every moment with your sweet family this summer!

    Melody Craw said...

    What a fun list! That's a great idea to let everyone contribute their ideas. :) I can't wait to try the huge bubbles!

    Prairie Rose said...

    How fun!
    I am so excited for you all's summer!
    I understand about Your Fella being busy.
    Since most of our income comes from the Farm, we don't have a lot of time to slow down and enjoy summer, however we are hoping to get away for a bit for some camping in the Mountains/Woods:)

    Karen said...

    I have tried in the past to go to a different park somewhere close by every week. Even if it's a neighborhood park. My favorite this year is the Falls Park in Post Falls. It's free, easy and everybody loves a day at the park. Call some friends to meet you for a picnic and it's a bonus.

    Leslie said...

    I love all these that got marked off.... :)