Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{ Attempt }

I'd like to think it's because my arms are too short.
More than likely it's just that this belly is getting too far out there.
Here's my best attempt at self-portraiture seeing I have this not so little bump going on.
Either way I guess partial tummy shots are better than none at all, right?
34 weeks and counting.

I think I will keep going on this post since Annabelle is gone with her Daddy to Costco to pick up another set of shelves for our overflowing garage and I am just sitting here snacking on a handful of dark chocolate covered pistachios from Trader Joes. A sweet treat from a sweet friend. Oh and consider yourself warned/buyer beware: the pistachios are super addictive.
So I had an appointment on Monday. During which our midwife Toni discovered that this little Jack boy of ours was in head up position. She was tipped off by the fact that we could feel his cute little hiccups way at the top of my tummy. It made sense actually. Explained why I had been so uncomfortable the last couple nights, trying to sleep with his head up in my ribcage...and I kept telling David, it felt like heartburn, when I knew it was actually him zipping around in there.
Toni suggested a couple things we could do to get him to turn. Prefaced by, " this is going to sound funny but you it works..." 1. try shining a flashlight directly at the bottom of your tummy...often it will get a baby to turn, as they head toward the light. 2. Or you could try playing music at the bottom of your tummy. She said to come back in a week and we'd check on him then, and if he was still up she'd send me home with a bunch of exercises to do. Later on that night, out of pure curiosity I did about a 10 minute flashlight treatment. I felt kind of...okay... really silly sitting on the couch talking to David holding a flashlight on my tummy. Then I suggested he try talking to him, thinking if anyone could, Daddy could coax him to do a little somersault in there. So David gave him a little pep talk. It was darling and heart melting. Afterwards we just snuggled for a while. Just enjoying each other and that exact precious moment in time. Until my stomach felt like a tidal wave had hit it and seriously started contorting...and ugghhh, I had to get up because all of a sudden I was feeling really uncomfortable.
I woke up the next morning, amazed that I'd slept so well, and so thankful for a restful nights sleep. Just like clockwork at about 8 am, Jack started in with his morning round of hiccups. And then it occurred to me that they were coming from the bottom, instead of the top of my tummy. Now isn't that curious?
Jack my boy, there is no way to prove it for sure but I think your daddy might be a baby whisper. Oh and feel free to stay put now dear one, right where you are, at least for a few more weeks. Mommy is getting so antsy to hold you. I think if I try really hard, I can wait a little longer for you. Just a little though.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Weekend { Part 3 }

We walked back through the market
and took in all the sights and sounds and smells
a serious feast for the senses
it was starting to get really cold
a true rendition of a typical Seattle day in March

Once back at our house

Andi right away started unpacking presents
a colorful vintage bracelet made of buttons for me

that I am entirely smitten with
and push pins covered in fabric I adore
both things she had purchased from Esty off my favorites list
sneaky girl
purple and pink beads and a sweet book called Little Mama for Annabelle
a darling little outfit with airplanes on it for Jack
and the best part was that they were delivered in person
it was most sweet and spoiling of you Andi
thank you dearly

I kept meaning to make us dinner
but it was too hard to tear myself away from
the conversation and brainstorming session
about how we could get all of us together in the next year
for a blogging retreat
I didn't sound impossible anymore
after all I was seeing these girls right before my very eyes
all your names were mentioned
ideas were flying
more about that later

I still needed to put on dinner
but the girls wanted me to really quickly
come sit down on the couch
that made me a little suspicious
especially after I was told to close my eyes
and was handed the most precious little scrapbook
from you dear ladies
which totally made me cry
and Leslie has the pictures to prove it
can I even tell you how sweet and covered in love
each little page is
and how blessed and loved I feel when I open it's sweet little scrappy cover
will share pictures soon
but in the meantime, thank you
Lisa, Sarah, KT, Wendi, Amanda, Aminta, Andi and Leslie
and I hear there are more pages coming
I bawled over each and every page when I sat down to read them
the afternoon I got home from airport
you ladies continue to bless me so deeply
thank you
it means more than I can say
eventually we sat around the table
eating leftover chicken alfredo

I was so bad at feeding these girls at mealtime
but it was hard to leave a conversation and head to the kitchen
not wanting to miss a word
we shared stories and ideas
over strawberries dipped in the most amazing
chocolate sauce and whipped cream
that Minta made off the top of her head
cause she's amazing like that
our hopes, our dreams, our struggles
our hearts
I think we might have all been a little bit surprised
at how strong our connection was

We talked on like that into the night until
someone noticed Leslie's hands

were strangely discolored
and she realized her her heart was feeling off

and oddly pressured
that led to some very worried looks
many calls to Nick who had already been in bed

asleep for a long time
googling everything we could think of
looking for any information that would lead us to know
if this was an emergency situation or not
we were so concerned and pleaded with her

to let us take her in
she wasn't so sure about that
knowing they would admit her
knowing they wouldn't know her history
and knowing she was having way to much fun

to have it all spoiled now
by a trip to the hospital
then David came home

and my brother in law was with him
who much to our relief is an EMT

he thought it best that she
just go to bed for the night

and as long as her symptoms didn't get worse,
to go see her doctor first thing when she got home

Please keep her in your prayers
as she is still dealing with these alarming symptoms
and continues to wait for answers
I don't have to tell you girls
you already know how brave she is

and we all know that in the big picture
she is in such good Hands

Friday, March 20, 2009

{ Our Weekend Part - 2 }

So giddy to have the girls meet Andi
after dreaming this whole thing up
and then actually following through on it
which, how amazing of them
our weekend schemers finally
get to hug each other up

She is just as cute and sweet in real life
as you imagine her to be
and after another round of hugs
we sped off towards downtown
talking faster than we were driving
so excited to be able to say now
we are friends in real life

We covered lots of ground that day
deep down stuff as well as
lightweight chit chat
it was a typical March morning in Seattle
rainy and gray

Leslie braved it in her ballet flats
Andi wore her leg warmers and Minta a cozy scarf
smart move on their part
and I even survived in my little black cardigan
that I only wore because none of my coats will button up anymore

The lady from CA. couldn't believe how many people were out in the rain
and we assured her that living here if you didn't go out in the rain
you'd never go out at all

Andi took us to a favorite little spot of hers for breakfast
A very French Bakery called Le Panier
all the pastries were so pretty
and we pointed to what we wanted
because we couldn't pronounce their names
and oh my it was delicious

We stopped in at the original Starbucks
looking for a place to park ourselves out of the rain
it was so crowded and we tried to get out of the way
but we and stood there taking up space and sipped
and smiled and gabbed for who knows how long
and kept asking each other,
can you believe this is really happening?

You girls would have loved the sweet little boutique Andi showed us
we kept remarking
wouldn't Fairlight love this chandelier?
Leslie confessed she had a thing for lamps
Doesn't this look like something in Jessica's house?
We have to get this for KT...etc.

Next we almost got Leslie and stroller full of Cade
stuck in a revolving door...
only to realize there was a door door smack dab next to it
with a man holding it open for us
oh so silly

We lost ourselves in Anthropologie for well over an hour
or was it two
eye candy galore
it was Minta's first time ever
every now and then she'd disappear behind a rack
we could see her wheels spinning
she'd say to us, that wouldn't be hard to make
or that, or that, or that
we each pretend picked out dresses for ourselves
sniffed all the candles
read our Birthday Fortunes
and our husbands and children's
from a little red book
poured over the pretty knobs and baubles
until we realized that we were really hungry

Our lunch splurge was P.F Changs
two of us had never been
oh and we all agreed their
crispy honey shrimp
is out of this world
and Minta's fortune read:
" Investigate new possibilities with friends
now is the time "
how fitting

more to come...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{ Our Weekend - Part 1 }

I still can't believe that this last weekend actually happened. How much guts it must have took those girls to leave their families behind and spend so much time and money to come and meet us and bless us so deeply with their friendship and love....

That included:
talking nonstop
enough to make your jaw hurt
and all at the same time

seeing that face and hugging you
for the first time
absolutely and instantly comfortable
realizing we could sit in the parking lot
at Nordstrom Rack and chat the day away,
so glad to finally be together in person

wandering down the aisle of shoes
teasing and laughing
cause our Orange County girl
had a hard time thinking beyond
ballet flats and flip flops
silly lady barely owns a pair of socks
on second thought, lucky lady

sharing lunch at a new place
wishing the salsa was just a little less spicy
as we talked, flirt with the sweet baby boy, talked some more
Auntie sharing her soda had to have been the highlight for Annabelle
and discovering how refreshing Coke with lemon is

watching Leslie's face pucker up
after she took her first few sips of Starbucks coffee
she was such a super good sport to try that
iced carmel machiato in the first place
but you should have seen it
and we were so cruel to laugh at her
we so should have eased her in with a frappacino
but it's too late now
we think she might be going back to her chai

so much fun to bring them home and fix them dinner
and introduce them to my husband
and play with Cade who we were all smitten with

he especially adored the sweet lady
that totally gave him the giggles

we talked and laughed the evening away
you would have too, if only you could have been there
of course then there was the time I had to go ask what an "augmentation" was

it was a late night with oh so sad teething tummy aching baby boy
and a midnight run to the grocery store for Tylenol
bless your heart Min
once his Mama put him back to bed he slept the entire night
and has continued to do so ever since
we are really hoping that sticks

early up and out the door
in the pouring rain and a hurry
to the airport for the precious lady
who would complete our foursome

to be continued...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{ Proper Building and Care of a Snowman }

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Remember that little random post...

about daffodils?

Well, scratch that.

We had a grand surprise yesterday ( besides the sky dumping down snow )when David showed up home from work early, after having been snowed out. After which we proceeded to spend the entire afternoon outside playing and throwing lots of snowballs in our nearly 8 inches of snow. We are expecting that tomorrow will be a snow day as well. On the agenda: build a snow man with Daddy, lots of cuddling around the fire and heaping cups of hot cocoa. Pictures hopefully to follow.

And now I am going to jot down a couple of Anniebelle quotes from yesterday that have had us in stitches around here.

It's what David calls the fear of being afraid...
She has a close call of some sort and " Whoa! Phew!!!I almost got scared..."

Her description of how her baby brother will be born:
" Poke ! He'll come out of Mommy's tummy. We'll pull him out with a string. Then we will tape it. And put batteries in it."

I asked her if she'd like to watch Curious George yesterday after we came back inside, her whole face lit up and she replied " oh that would be "(de)belightful."

Now I am off to make a yummy hot breakfast and then to enjoy this "belightfully" snowy day.

Friday, March 06, 2009

{ On the Battlefield }

This week has been a dozy. And for no single or big reason really. And it's seems a little whiny for me to even say so. It's just been a hard week, with the little Miss 3 year old of the house. As David mentioned last night, if this is 3, than it makes age 2 look easy. We have had more little catastrophes this weekend than I can count on one hand, but the little intentional accidents are nothing compared with the sadness and disappointment I have felt, watching her choose to not honor the boundaries Mommy and Daddy have clearly and repeatedly laid out, knowing there will be consequences. So much of it I know is my fault. I have consistency issues. And as many times as I have observed that letting her "get away " with stuff only makes her miserable in the long run, not to mention the rest of us... I do not want to continue to take the easy way out, and overlook, or excuse her actions away. What I am beginning to realize is that it is possible ( by the grace of God ) to tenderly stick to my guns with her. Which is what I had determined to do with her this week. Hence the title for this post. Neither David or I have ever seen such a strong will in a little person. ( Mom and Dad, are you having flashbacks? ) With that comes a enormous passion for life. We love that God made her that way. But how to channel that energy and make sure it results in a happy, obedient child... that is the fine line that I so badly want to learn as a mommy. So I pray that God gives me the gumption and wisdom to become more consistent. Tenderly consistent.

Unlike the last few days, this morning has been so delightful. Ordinary in every way...starting out with snuggles and giggles in bed and then a story or two. She is on a Beatrix Potter kick right now. A request for oatmeal. Sleep in her eyes, sweet little bed head do, with three of her morning favorites. 1) Dora spoon from Auntie Greta 2) Small heart bowl 3) Little milk pitcher, both gifts from Granniebelle's. All smiles. Not a single meltdown, talk-back, incident, or battle. She has been nothing but sweet.

Not only is that the grace of God to me, but it only fuels my determination to be consistent. Such a pay off, makes it all worth it in the long run.

A big thank you to the lovely friends/examples who are Mommys around me, who daily encourage and model to become exactly the kind of Mama that God wants me to be. You know who you are, and I am so grateful for the ways in which you bless my life.