Thursday, December 31, 2009

{ Topping off 2009 }

{ this is what Christmas looks like in our cozy little rental house }

Tonight is for being together, just the four of us.

To eat pizza.

To have a tea party with tiny cups of hot cocoa +
towers of whipped cream and crushed candy cane sprinkles on top...

To do crazy things. Annabelle just ran outside to make snow angels in her swimsuit...
after Daddy dared her.

To snuggle in front of the fireplace.
Isn't he cute grinning from ear to ear like that?

Still to come:
Tom + Jerry
A game of Operation
Popcorn + ice cold sparking cider
Pot and pan banging ( even if we ring in the new year a few hours early )
With a whole lot of giggles in between.
After the happy flurry of family and coming + going over the holidays, this is just perfect.
I don't have words to tell you how thankful I am for all the grace and blessings and love that have been poured into our lives in the last year. But it hit us hard today, out of the blue David and I just had to sit down and cry, as we were in that moment overwhelmed by God's goodness to us. May the New Year bring us each days of growth, joy, gratitude. And most of all, more of you, Lord Jesus.