Monday, September 21, 2009

{ a pocketful of grace }

My first-day-of-October collection of thankfuls.

My $ 2.00 bargain bouquet of the most gorgeous dahlias from a nearby roadside stand.

Morning and evening's necessity to " run and put on a sweater."

Annabelle's delight in learning. You should have seen her excitement over learning the the word polliwog today. We are reading Charlotte's Web out loud. A real chapter book. She sits perfectly still and stares at my face, spellbound. But then she also argues with me like a practiced 15 year old. Right now she's equal parts heart-melting + hard.

Dreaming of baking up something spicy and comforting. And then sharing with loved ones and neighbors, over a big steamy mugs of good earth tea. Now if I only I could decide either apple or pumpkin?

Giddy, so giddy at the thought of moving at the end of the month...knowing that friends are waiting with open arms, ready to love us. Also giddy for our friends who have over the summer become man and wife or welcomed sweet new babies, for friends who are moving + settling into their new homes. As the answered prayers unfold around us and your heart aches with gratitude. Still we continue to pray and pray for friends that are still waiting for it to be their turn.
Annabelle rosy-cheeked and twirling as flame-tipped leaves swirl around the yard in the wind.

Our little evening visit with Granny Annie. And how wonderful it is to really truly see her back to herself again.
Snacks of perfectly crisp apple slices + juice-down-your-chin pears.
Recent cravings for the company of a good book. And have been staying up into the wee hours of the morning curled up on the couch reading to the the soft beat + rhythm of the rain against the window as background music.
Stretching out the early morning under the cover giggles, cozy + snuggled up together...
Loving the schemes and plans and brainstorming sessions with David, over ideas for the house. And our future.
Jack's delicious roly-poly-ness. His unbelievable squishy kissy cuddle-bug cuteness. Oh and did I mention, he's sporting not just one but two (hard earned) wee pearly whites. That and he's had his first taste of real food? Pumpkin pie. Straight off Daddy's fork. First he loved it...and then he puckered up and made terrible faces and we laughed so hard, and then after he got used to the texture, he loved it again and clamored for more. He is dying to crawl and gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. Once he figures out how to move his arms he will be everywhere.
Longing to grow. Keenly aware of my insecurities, of how ugly the selfishness in me is.
" Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. " Rom. 5: 20
The fear is like a blister. Doubts tug at me.
Until I remember Jesus. Then I am overwhelmed by His goodness. Overtaken by love.
Perfect Love.
" For perfect love casts out fear." 1 John 4: 18
And then my smile returns. And it is huge.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

boy oh ( sweet ) boy

Do you even know the sunshine you have brought into our
lives since you came to us, only four short months ago?

With your highly contagious grins.
{ Jack in his most darling wee sweater, knit by this sweet friend }

And that look you have the one that says, “Mommy, I am in love with you.”
And the tender way you peer in to my eyes, that makes my heart melt into a syrupy little puddle. Every single time.

And your pout Jack-Jack, you have the best pouty lip. Your bottom lip turns under in slow motion and starts to quiver when something upsets you . It is hilarious + adorable.

I am crazy about the dimples in your elbows. Crazy I tell you.
And the way you curl your toes.

Jack you are a fusser. Auntie Deb, who you adore, dubbed you " Jack-the-finicky" but she says you make up for it by being so cute. And I concur. Some days are just sad and Mommy has to hold you nonstop and jolly you along. You popped your first tooth a couple of days ago. Teething has been miserable for you. And we all feel so bad for you as you drool like a leaky faucet and try so hard all day long to get both your hands in your mouth so you can chomp down. Mommy’s even started to call you chomper. That and, chubby-wubby-fuzzy-wicks. Because of all the little fuzz that has suddenly sprouted on top of your head.

My wiggle/giggle bit of boy you are such a love. Your laughter comes quick and easily. And you have the most remarkably sweet grin. And you are so quick to smile, even at strangers. I love how your face lights up in response to others. You are in awe of your big sister and think her very funny. And she loves that. And is she ever, ever in love with you. You two started playing your first game in the last couple weeks and it is the sweetest thing in the world to hear your babies giggling together. I am going to post a video of it soon.

Daddy is very proud of how strong and big you are. You can get up on all fours and hold your head way, way up. And you love to stand with help. And always try to pull yourself up. And you are long enough to fill out the striped size 9 months jammies you are wearing today. Daddy also takes great delight in how much you love being outside. You are content for hours to stare wide-eyed from your pouch as the the world goes by. Like this:

{ walking on the beach }