Wednesday, May 28, 2008

there are six billion people in the world but sometimes, all you need is one...

Then we sat on the edge of the earth,
our feet dangling over the side,
and marvelled that we had found each other."
May 17, 2003

Five Years, Baby!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Our days and weekends have been so busy, so full of preperation, of happy comings and goings, of projects and yardwork and last minute wedding shopping.
Anniebelle is asleep for the night. After I tucked her in her crib I sat down at the piano to play her to sleep, something I used to dream of doing...
David is at work, poor fellow. Bless his heart, of all days, it's his birthday and he has to work a double shift. He was up early as usual this morning to head off to work and didn't get off until after 5 tonight, with only a 3 hour break until he starts work again. I was more bummed than he was as I talked to him on the phone while he was at Costco, eating his birthday dinner with me at home staring at a small stack of presents and cards waiting for him.

Inbetween all that and packing, cause yes we are going to ID yet again this weekend, I feel the need to sneak a moment or two to just jot down a few things.

Last weekend David and I were able to get away to the Oregon Coast for two whole nights, and celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Of course we did have such a perfectly wonderful time. Best of all, I got to hog the blessed man all to myself, to giggle and tease and flirt, to hold hands and pretend we did not have a care in the world. Becuase for that 48 hours we truly didn't. I came home so refreshed. Totally happy and ready of course to be reunited with Annabelle, who spent a very happy time with her Mor Mor and several of her doting Aunties and Uncles and even a Great Grandma and who, as happy as she was to have us come and pick her up, had hardly seemed to miss us.

I know you ladies would agree with me, that there is nothing half as nice, the whole world over as being loved by a good man. Except maybe for the rose-bud kisses from the tiny mouth of the dear little one that looks just like him, that is.

Thank you David. You have succeded once again, in sweeping me off my feet. Lucky for me, that is a daily occurance around here. And Happy Birthday to the one I love, admire and wink-at more than anyone else in the world. Praying that this is a year of unfolding dreams for you.

" Grow old with me. The best is yet to be."

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Just a little catch-up

I surprised myself this morning...I actually still know how to get into my blog. It feels like have been away for so long, and have missed out so much. But it was just one of those long stretchs of days and I was so swept up in the hub-bub of life, that I didn't have much of a chance to sit down at the computer. But everyone has gone home now, and everything on our wedding shopping list, minus a robins egg blue cardigan for Annabelle, as of yesterday is officially crossed off. We had a wonderful time, yummy dinners together often ending in hysterical laughter on account of a silly little two year old we all find highly amusing, wedding planning sessions, late night heart to hearts, even late night shopping sprees, and the shower was a huge, huge hit.

( beautiful Bride and her darling Matron of Honor )

And while we girls were gone to the shower the two David's, with Annabelle in tow, hit up a Farm Auction and brought home several boxes of old blue canning jars that we are going to use as the vases on the tables full of wildflowers at Anna and Davids wedding. That and a beautiful wooden antique door with an oval glass window in it, for a mere, ahem steal...$40.00.

You can only imagine my glee over David's thoughtfulness. He knew how very much I would appreciate that old stuff, when to most other people, himself included half the time, it is nothing more than junk.

I have been experimenting with growing grass indoors, which we will also use as centerpieces for the wedding. So far I am really pleased with the results, wanna see?

And of course I must post a picture of my dear little growing-like-a-weed-girl. Here she is with pig tales (which are more like two little poofs on top of a bigger poof) and a big red lollipop that some nice store owner, who must have thought she was cute so generously gave her. David said the man came running out after they had left the store, and chased them down to present her with this great big red lollipop. So we let her enjoy it for a few minute before her Daddy very stealthy slipped it off the garbage can.

I am going to wrap this up for now and hope weeks and weeks don't go by before I post again. Annabelle and I have a wake-up-daddy attack planned. We let him sleep in this morning but at 9:30, enough is enough. Time to go jump on the bed and cover him with kisses.

It sure is nice to be back. I have really missed you ladies.

As Annabelle has been saying to everyone, ever where we go, while nodding her head energetically:

" Had (have) a nice day!"