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Referencing a past post...

I wanted to share this with you ladies a while back...it's still tugging on my heart, so I am re-posting it today. The hope is that it will encourage your hearts as it did my own.

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Here is my wrap up post on our trip to the ocean.

And it has pictures!

Monday, September 15, 2008

If it was your Birthday...

Let's just pretend. Say it's your birthday and I was able to kidnap you for a generous part of the day. I'd whisk you away, just you. And you wouldn't worry about the kids because say our amazing husbands insisted on watching them for the day.

The first thing we would do, just after we buckled our seat belts would be to squeal a little bit in delight for "happy-birthday-mommy-time" and I then lets say you loved Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, that they were your absolute favorite. So we'd find the first one we came to and order not a tall, but a venti because, after all it's your birthday. And we'd be talking a million miles a minute trying to make the most of our time, trying to fit as much in as possible. Next stop Kohls. Where we just browsed and browsed and you tried things on and new black blouse that looked just gorgeous on you. And I didn't even try and talk you into a different color, because I said, it's your birthday and you shall have exactly what you want with out any argument from me. Then I took you to this great big fabric store...one that carried all your favorite designers as we oohhhed and ahhhhed over the bolts of beautiful textures and colors. And of course we couldn't walk out of their empty handed. And since it was your birthday you splurged and I pledged to pay for part. Then of course, because this always happens I found something I loved but refused to buy, so you insist on buying it for me. We argue. I say, "but it's not my birthday." You win. You always win in these matters. And while we are pretending lets just say $ isn't an issue. So we load up our carts. Two of them. By this time we are getting hungry. So we wheel our cart-full of spoils over to be cut and then they tell us that any amount cut yardage today only is 30% off. Who would have thought that it could pay to have a birthday on Monday September 15. We leave with great big smiles on our face, off to your favorite lunch spot. At Red Robin we chat over our good fortune at the fabric while, we sip our strawberry lemonade and spilt a hamburger store and talk over our future ideas and dreams and get super inspired and excited. We seem to have that effect on each other.
After our lovely luncheon we just have to hit up Old Navy. Where you pull out your $100.00 gift card, that your sweet husband had thought to buy you in advance. And then of course end up spending over half of it on new clothes for the kids. Because, well you are just funny like that. You are such a giver. It's a very deep and beautiful trait that you possess. Last but not least we stop at Target to just browse up and down the lovely aisles. We laugh and point and " oh look how cute is that..." and " that so looks like you..." and " wouldn't that be darling in the such and such..." or " can't you just see this on so and so..."

And you sigh because it has been so much fun. I agree. Too much fun. Our feet ache. I suggest we head home so I can bake you a most chocolaty chocolate cake while you dole out the treats you picked up for the kids. And while you aren't looking I slip a bouquet of dahlias with slices of lemons tucked in the bottom of the clear square glass vase, on the table with a tag that reads...

" Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. " — Mark Twain, Try not to mind too terribly that it's your birthday which means you are another year older, which in turn means you are now twenty-eight plus two. ;) You are beautiful today and everyday, from the inside out and that will not change no matter how old you get. My birthday wish for you is that you find your self embracing and loving life more than ever today. I love you. Happy Birthday dearie. Happy, happy birthday! -Chelle

All imagining aside. Today is your birthday. And I am just pretending what it would look like if I were able to give you the perfect day. On a more realistic note I have half of your birthday package assembled so obviously it's going to be late of. That and I bet you will be making your own happy birthday cake for yourself today, to share with your little family...so they can help to celebrate their beloved Momma & Wife. And I bet you won't even mind.

Friday, September 12, 2008

learning to " Take Joy"

I come in the little things,
Saith the Lord:
Not borne on morning wings
Of majesty, but I have set My Feet
Amidst the delicate and bladed wheat
That springs triumphant in the furrowed sod.
There do I dwell, in weakness and in power;
Not broken or divided, saith our God!
In your strait garden plot I come to flower:
About your porch My Vine
Meek, fruitful, doth entwine;
Waits, at the threshold, Love’s appointed hour.

I come in the little things,
Saith the Lord:
Yea! on the glancing wings

Of eager birds, the softly pattering feet
Of furred and gentle beasts, I come to meet
Your hard and wayward heart. In brown bright eyes
That peep from out the brake, I stand confest.
On every nest
Where feathery Patience is content to brood
And leaves her pleasure for the high emprize
Of motherhood—
There doth My Godhead rest.

I come in the little things,
Saith the Lord:
My starry wings
I do forsake,
Love’s highway of humility to take:
Meekly I fit My stature to your need.
In beggar’s part
About your gates I shall not cease to plead—
As man, to speak with man—
Till by such art
I shall achieve My Immemorial Plan,
Pass the low lintel of the human heart.

- Evelyn Underhill

This is the favorite poem of a very dear lady who you may already be familiar with. Tasha Tudor is her name. Her motto in life was " Take Joy, " isn't that lovely? I think I will borrow it from her. I have been reading about her life this week.

She wrote and illustrated several books, one in particular is very dear to our hearts about a favorite doll of her's, given to us by Grannie Annie called , A is for Annabelle. Which brings me to this interesting side note. When Anniebelle saw a picture of this sweet little old lady she said, " look Mommy, she's kind of like Grannie Annie. " I find myself fasinated by the story and simple beauty of this woman's life and thought I would like to share her with you ladies, and that perhaps you might also find yourself blessed by her work and sweet spirit.

So today I will continue to revel in our backyard black berry picking adventures and all of Annabelle's sweet pretendings. I will take mental pictures of her bouncing curly-topped head, making mud pies, dressed in a gauzy pink tu-tu, calling to me from the back porch..."Mommy you're the best girl I ever had. " Today I really don't see that it will be all that difficult to find reason after reason to "take joy," do you?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More on the ocean, this time with pictures!

Anna and I almost canceled our early 6 am date/tour of the neighborhood on our borrowed vintage bicycles but were so glad later on that we hadn't. We had the best time exploring and admiring every house in the neighborhood. It was so good to get to have her all to myself. Then we came back and made coffee and Mor Mor came down to join us, then Annabelle woke up with these words on her mouth. " Want to play cards with me. " So she and cousin Joey played Memory with Mor Mor. Slowly the house came to life. After another tour around the neighborhood, this time on foot with Deb and Hildi. Gushing and pointing and dreaming about how Mom could buy this or that house and picking out our favorites, we packed up a over sized picnic basket to take the to beach and headed down to play in the sand and the waves. It was misty and breezy, and the kids were bundled up in fleece jackets and hats...The boys spent hours with the frisbee, the three twins spent same hours digging in the sand...I do not think it could have been humanly possible for the three of them to be having more fun, until that is, the twins both ventured out into the waves and got knocked down in domino effect, onto their wee bottoms. But after a proper amount of cozying up in blankets with their Mommy and Daddy, and a fresh pair of dry clothes they were back at it and in such and in such a state of delight.

Anniebelle did not mind the waves, she's a little crazy that way, takes after me I guess. The freezing cold saltwater, didn't seem to bother her...and she splashed with Uncle Daniel until she was completely drenched and her lips were blue and chatter-y.

Kites were flown,

pictures were taken,

bicycles ridden along the beach,

hole after hole was dug in the sand,

sand castles were built,

as the boys goofed in their usual fashion, we had a terrific game of ultimate frisbee, munched on my Moms yummy recipe for 7 layer bean dip, and played in the waves

Some of us are hold several beliefs of that might point us towards being slightly insane. One of those firmly being, that it is not enough to be at the ocean, until you have been in it. We actually make ourselves go in that freezing coastal water, all the way out to where we can jump the big waves. There is nothing quite like being swept of your feet by a giant size wave while you are and swept back, with the taste of salt water in your mouth and carried away until the next one hits. Really, it's a fine and pleasant misery. Anna and I have been wave jumping buddies for the last decade and the fact that the calender might read Nov. has never stopped us from having fun. And as much as I know I would love the temped water of the CA. coast or Hawaiian beaches, you have to take what you get and make the most of it, right? Let me tell you though, we get some funny looks from passers by and I imagine them saying..." look at those nuts! "

The afternoon brought naps for all the babies, compliments of Auntie Deb who single handedly put to sleep, all three twins, while the rest of us played in the ocean, more hot-tub soaking, more exploratory bicycle tours, talking to people out in the neighborhood, baking up Debs chocolate chip cookie dough ( what was left of it after all the snitching anyway ) brewing pot after pot of coffee, dinner prep and loads of laundry...

I conked out on the couch, hard asleep at 8:30, I had laid down to snuggle with Annabelle and that was it. I was so disappointed in the morning when I woke to the smell of scrambled eggs and toast and realized I'd gone to bed that early and missed out on playing board games, until I found out no one had stayed up to play board games, we were all too worn out.

Sunday was gloriously clear and sunny. We rushed around cleaning up the house and packing our car, and sat down together in the living room to read a Proverb together. Then it was back to the beach for one last hurrah on the beach. We had to pull out our sunglasses on account of the pure sunshine. The kids dug in the sand and jumped in puddles of water and Annabelle played once again with Uncle Daniel in the waves, the boys threw the frisbee and fed flocks of sea gulls doritos, and us girls chatted and soaked up the sun.

( Mark and I )

( Deb and David )

( Deb and Mark )

( Uncle Daniel and Annabelle )

( The Twins )

We left the beach sandy, tired and oh so happy. All in all the perfect family weekend away. I love looking back at all pictures and the memories we made. The only complaint I heard all weekend was that it was all going by too quickly. So until the end of next summer rolls around we'll dream of next year and laugh remembering all the good times had.

The End.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The cure for anything...

...is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.
-Isak Dinesen

We had such an amazing time away this weekend on the Washington Coast. I am going to attempt to describe the weekend with only words since I sadly have no pictures to share, at least not yet anway. I am waiting for copies of the ones I took from every family member who allowed me to beg, borrow or steal their camera off of them.
Some of the highlights of our trip included...a laughter filled car ride, where David kept cracking the best jokes, Anniebelle napped and napped, and I kept commenting on how short it felt...two and half hours in the car, only two and a half hours...
( for those of you who may think me crazy, let me remind you of our
ten 7+ hour [one way ] trips to ID. since Mothers Day ).
Turning into the most gorgeous little ocean side neighborhood you can possibly imagine, houses painted in various shades of blue and yellow with coordinating shutters, covered with wooden shakes and sporting white trim, complete with complimentary vintage bikes for touring. We pulled up to the tall three story coastal/colonial style house we were to stay in and I was positively giddy. David accused me of being worse than a little kid in a candy shop...squealing and jumping up and down and exclaiming about every little gorgeous detail. The entire house was painted the perfect shade of cheerful yellow, with amazing white tongue and grove ceilings, old fashioned paneled doors and trim. We ran up both flights of stairs, exploring every room and just plain gawking. Realizing we were seriously and officially spoiled.
Getting to fix taco soup in the ever so quaint kitchen of our beach house, with it's pure white cabinets, and baking cornbread in a, get this...confection oven. It turned out fluffier than ever before and golden and perfect. Everyone arriving. Getting to hear and see their amazed reactions.
A walk to the beach, with the pink misty dusk falling in around us.
Skipping and running and twirling on the beach. Taken in by the enchantment. Feeling overwhelmed in this feast of the senses. Annabelle running into the water, drenching her pants and coat...because she couldn't resist the temptation to chase the little waves.
Sitting on a bench with my sweet mother in law, just above the beach marveling together at the sight before our eyes... the sunset with a ruby red glow rimmed by every shade of orange and pink you can imagine, over the water and talking about her beloved, who we miss so much and who has now been gone for a entire year....wondering, imaging what his view of all this might be. Could it be that he was looking , at the very same sunset that we were just from a very different perspective? Then she broke out in song :

Beyond the sunset, O blissful morning,
When with our Savior heav'n is begun;
Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning,
Beyond the sunset when day is done.

Beyond the sunset, no clouds will gather,
No storms will threaten, no fears annoy;
O day of gladness, O day unending,
Beyond the sunset eternal joy!

Beyond the sunset, a hand will guide me
To God the Father whom I adore;
His glorious presence, His words of welcome,
Will be my portion on that fair shore.

Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion,
With our dear loved ones who've gone before;
In that fair homeland we'll know no parting,
Beyond the sunset forever more!

It was just one of those moments in time that I know will forever be stamped on my mind with a profound sense of awe, knowing undoubtedly that God was in that moment of time, in our midst.
Back at the house we warmed up with bowl after bowl of taco soup. Seriously some of the boys had not two but three bowls and I was so glad that I had thought to make two big pots. After all with 7 big buff uncles under one roof, any sort of food, especially if it happens to contain 1.) meat, or 2.) melt-y chocolate chips, does not seem to last more than half a minute. Then there were the three two year old-s who ran from one Uncle/Aunt to the next to be tickled and teased and kissed, repeat though, not necessarily in that order.
After everyone else had gone to bed, Anna and Daniel and I crept out the the hot tub to chat.Then again, we are die-hards in the family. Someone had forgotten to place the cover back on the hot tub and it was anything but hot. I seriously had goose bumps the entire time I was in...but who cares...who is going to give up goose bumps for a warm cozy bed with world's nicest sound asleep snuggle-ready husband...for a cold hot tub full of funny stories, insights and a whole lot of giggles. Not I apparently.
To Be Continued...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This week I am:

Glad for our long weekend in ID. for the time spent with our wonderful family and especially for the play time David was able to squeeze in. Normally it's all work and no fun for him, so he can get a lot of things, you know big-guy stuff accomplished while we are at his moms small ranch.

Thankful for the time I spent with my parents and secretly eavesdropping on the happy sounds of my Dad and Annabelle playing house together...

Remembering the sweetness of Annabelle in my mom's garden, which is a glorious profusion of color right now, as she has hundreds of zinnias in bloom, in every imaginable color and size, girlykins was like a little butterfly flitting from one plant to the next, picking cherry tomatoes and sweet baby bell peppers and sharing her spoils with everyone, first she would test taste each one by taking a little bite herself, and then pass them out.

Grinning every time Annabelle says hosi-pi-tal instead of hospital which for some reason she manages to use at least twice a day.

Looking forward to our upcoming weekend at the coast...we are renting in this beautiful house along with a whole bunch of David's family.

In the middle of projects galore. And keeping secrets. Really fun ones too.

Playing hide-and-go-seek with Anniebelle

Picking bowl after bowl of blackberries

Hearing her to refer to David almost always as " my Daddy " and let me tell you, it melts me.

Listening to this over and over

So very bummed that there are no pictures to share this weekend in ID. as there was a small tragedy and our camera has been accidentally ruined...it's a long story involving a leak-y paper coke cup ( one from the Costco Food court to be exact ) did you know that those things if they sit to long leak out the bottom? Now I do. And it very much appears to be not fixable as I was told that water damage is not covered under the warranty.

Thrilled about my new haircut. Thanks Min...and even though I have been known to say this before but I think you are amazing. I'd take a picture, if I could.

Thankful for David's discovery of Hagen Daz, Coconut Pineapple ice cream. ohhh, it's by far my new favorite treat ever.

Watching Annabelle "do gymnastics." It's a cute and hilarious site. Note to self: must take a video of this soon.

Praying so much for several really good friends

Longing to celebrate the little joys that come along with my simple, everyday life, to revel in the beauty and blessing that it is to be a wife and a mother, to be thankful that I have a little nest to fluff and a little chick to nurture and love and a man who works so hard for us and comes home, filthy dirty from head to toe but with a great big smile on his handsome face.

Happy. Really, really happy.

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

G.K. Chesterton