Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More on the ocean, this time with pictures!

Anna and I almost canceled our early 6 am date/tour of the neighborhood on our borrowed vintage bicycles but were so glad later on that we hadn't. We had the best time exploring and admiring every house in the neighborhood. It was so good to get to have her all to myself. Then we came back and made coffee and Mor Mor came down to join us, then Annabelle woke up with these words on her mouth. " Want to play cards with me. " So she and cousin Joey played Memory with Mor Mor. Slowly the house came to life. After another tour around the neighborhood, this time on foot with Deb and Hildi. Gushing and pointing and dreaming about how Mom could buy this or that house and picking out our favorites, we packed up a over sized picnic basket to take the to beach and headed down to play in the sand and the waves. It was misty and breezy, and the kids were bundled up in fleece jackets and hats...The boys spent hours with the frisbee, the three twins spent same hours digging in the sand...I do not think it could have been humanly possible for the three of them to be having more fun, until that is, the twins both ventured out into the waves and got knocked down in domino effect, onto their wee bottoms. But after a proper amount of cozying up in blankets with their Mommy and Daddy, and a fresh pair of dry clothes they were back at it and in such and in such a state of delight.

Anniebelle did not mind the waves, she's a little crazy that way, takes after me I guess. The freezing cold saltwater, didn't seem to bother her...and she splashed with Uncle Daniel until she was completely drenched and her lips were blue and chatter-y.

Kites were flown,

pictures were taken,

bicycles ridden along the beach,

hole after hole was dug in the sand,

sand castles were built,

as the boys goofed in their usual fashion, we had a terrific game of ultimate frisbee, munched on my Moms yummy recipe for 7 layer bean dip, and played in the waves

Some of us are hold several beliefs of that might point us towards being slightly insane. One of those firmly being, that it is not enough to be at the ocean, until you have been in it. We actually make ourselves go in that freezing coastal water, all the way out to where we can jump the big waves. There is nothing quite like being swept of your feet by a giant size wave while you are and swept back, with the taste of salt water in your mouth and carried away until the next one hits. Really, it's a fine and pleasant misery. Anna and I have been wave jumping buddies for the last decade and the fact that the calender might read Nov. has never stopped us from having fun. And as much as I know I would love the temped water of the CA. coast or Hawaiian beaches, you have to take what you get and make the most of it, right? Let me tell you though, we get some funny looks from passers by and I imagine them saying..." look at those nuts! "

The afternoon brought naps for all the babies, compliments of Auntie Deb who single handedly put to sleep, all three twins, while the rest of us played in the ocean, more hot-tub soaking, more exploratory bicycle tours, talking to people out in the neighborhood, baking up Debs chocolate chip cookie dough ( what was left of it after all the snitching anyway ) brewing pot after pot of coffee, dinner prep and loads of laundry...

I conked out on the couch, hard asleep at 8:30, I had laid down to snuggle with Annabelle and that was it. I was so disappointed in the morning when I woke to the smell of scrambled eggs and toast and realized I'd gone to bed that early and missed out on playing board games, until I found out no one had stayed up to play board games, we were all too worn out.

Sunday was gloriously clear and sunny. We rushed around cleaning up the house and packing our car, and sat down together in the living room to read a Proverb together. Then it was back to the beach for one last hurrah on the beach. We had to pull out our sunglasses on account of the pure sunshine. The kids dug in the sand and jumped in puddles of water and Annabelle played once again with Uncle Daniel in the waves, the boys threw the frisbee and fed flocks of sea gulls doritos, and us girls chatted and soaked up the sun.

( Mark and I )

( Deb and David )

( Deb and Mark )

( Uncle Daniel and Annabelle )

( The Twins )

We left the beach sandy, tired and oh so happy. All in all the perfect family weekend away. I love looking back at all pictures and the memories we made. The only complaint I heard all weekend was that it was all going by too quickly. So until the end of next summer rolls around we'll dream of next year and laugh remembering all the good times had.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful xs 3!! Those were perfectly caputred memories - the first one and the last were my favorites! Sounds like a fabulous time ;)

aunt tea said...

wow. what a full life. i practically live on a desert island. a charming read as always. Ü

mudpies4all said...

What a perfectly lovely vacation, described in your usual poetic manner. I do so love reading your posts, friend. Thank you for taking us along!

Cat said...

You have a gorgeous family, Chelle, and one who KNOWS how to celebrate with pleasure!

Aminta said...

Oh how FUN!
You paint the prettiest pictures with your words. Thank you for that!
Love you sweetest!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful descriptions! Beautiful family!!!
So glad you had such a great time and yaaayyy for pictures!
Hoping you get a camera soon

Fairlightday said...

Oh my dear, that was so beautiful! I loved every single second of reading it and longing for our own little trip to see you. Hugs dear!

Beata said...

Beautiful words, beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Mom and I enjoyed reliving the weekend as we looked at your post! love, Deb

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Oh, so fabulous! What a great way to end the summer. I particularly love the last picture, just lovely!