Sunday, August 21, 2011

{ playing dress up }

Annabelle + I are having so much fun playing dress up with our little real life baby doll. 
Sundresses. Swim suits with ruffles. Floral button up shirts.
And little green fairy costumes.

This very beautiful + dear to our heart little friend, told her mom, 
before Lucy was even born that she wanted to give this little Tinker Bell suit to 
" the baby in Chelle-Chelle's tummy."  It was entirely darling + thoughtful of her!

  The bumbo and chewing on her clothes also happen to be two of her very favorite things right now.

We compliment her with great admiration every day by telling her that she's..." pretty and she's fat and she's oh so pretty fat."

She's rather poured into it. 
Delicious little rolls spilling out everywhere.

Loving Lucy at four months. 
She's all giggles and open mouth kisses and sweet baby hums,
starting to get up on all fours and playing with her toes.
 And we don't know how we ever got along without her.

Monday, August 08, 2011

{ three guesses }

 As to where the kids and I will be for the next three nights?
Here's a little clue, courtesy of our beautiful, resident 5.5 year old:

 Want another clue? It's one of my very favorite places on planet earth.

I am determined to enjoy every drop of this little summer vacation with my little trio but it sure hurts to be leaving David behind. He's staying home to work and then work some more, on the house, while we're off with his family to play in the sand, chase down waves, kiss on the nieces and nephews and laugh our heads off. 
I would switch places with him in a heartbeat this week...if only I could.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

{ Preview }

 So it's not much to look at yet but a certain Mr. oh-so-dear-to-my-heart is working all hours to make this house that we bought on June 24th 2011 into a lovely little home for us. 
By the end of August. 
We just found out that we have to be out of our rental by the end of the month.  
It looks a little daunting, I know...but let me assure you, this house + our time crunch, well it's no match for his super powers. You'll see. 
And what an adventure it will long as we remember to look at it as that make the most of it.
The plan is to set up housekeeping upstairs while the downstairs gets finished. It's crazy to think that we will be living here in just a few short weeks. 

the front
dining room + built in 
and pretty archway David built
 dining room + window seat
living room + fireplace with built in bookshelves
stairs ( this was the day David and David " leveled out the floor + stairs )
downstairs bedroom
peek-a-boo through door to downstairs
side view
upstairs landing and smaller bedroom ( with it's first coat of paint )
kids bedroom (upstairs )

I think we might have our work cut out for us.
And boy are we ever excited for the end result. 

But for now, after putting in another long day 
he's come home. 
Annabelle says that root beer floats sound good and I couldn't agree more.