Sunday, October 24, 2010

{ catchy }

Today I cannot stop singing/dancing around the kitchen to this song. It's my new favorite.  And it makes me happy from head to toe. And yes, it's a love song.

And this is my favorite line of this very sweet little song..." But I'll take less if more means having less of you..."   

  It makes me think of and so thankful for a good, good husband who works so hard every day to take care of us,  who even shys away from hobbies if it means great amounts of time away from us,  a man who has chosen to prioritize his life + work so that even though in some ways it may look as if we have's because he believes and lives that it's more important to have less (financially speaking) than more at the expense of not being together. And David, from the bottom of our hearts, your little family thanks you so much for that.
In case you haven't noticed lately, we pretty much adore pretty much every single thing about you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{ long time, no blog }

  I think it's high time I dusted the cobwebs off the corners of this little blog and started posting again don't you? After such a sudden and lengthy absence you may have started wondering if:

  1.  Did she quit blogging for good?
  2.  Did her squirrel-y, nearly 1.5 year old son pour a full mug of hot cocoa all over her lap top and end it's life?
  3.  Or maybe you've done the math and simply guessed that she is pregnant?

  A little unintentional blogging hiatus, mixed with high volumes of company over the last 3 months, plus yours truly sleeping during normal blogging hours (  from 8 pm to 8 am ) every chance she gets and we've got a 3 month gap in the goings around here.  And the thought of trying to fill in the blanks of the last few months has been enough to stall me on posting for weeks. It's too overwhelming. So instead I am going to start again, here + now, at today.

  It's Tuesday. 2:00 pm. Jack just woke up from his nap and is surrounded by his favorite things right now in the library trucks and books, Annabelle is watching this DVD about Benjamin Franklin, I just got out of the shower, dinner is made,  school done ( which included Annabelle reading to me from the BOB books, she is on her third one now and can I just say that hearing her read is sweet, sweet music to my ears... ), the battery is dead on my phone, there is a giant pile of laundry that still needs to be folded, we are going on a treasure hunt to collect leaves and other fall prettys. A sweet + normal everyday sort of a day to be sure, full of books + art + making + cleaning up messes and food love + laughter with a few fits + tears thrown in here and there to even things out, on this Tuesday in mid-October.

  I love homeschooling for many reasons beside the fact that we can do school in mismatched pajamas with marker smudged noses, and be creating wonderful things like this little village that was all her own idea. I love these happy, "  hey Mommy, I have an idea!" moments...and I love all that you can do with a stack of colorful popsicle sticks.


Really love this is most recent portrait of our family that Annabelle just brought to me. And if you didn't already, take a closer look to see the tiny, up-and-coming, one-day-in-early -April, much loved + looked forward to, the sweet + smallest member of our family, to-be.