Thursday, April 10, 2008

{ Bit of Spring }

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Off we go.

Tomorrow just us girls are heading off on a little road trip to spend 4 days visiting with pretty much both sides of our wonderful and gigantic extended family, who all live within about a 30 mile radius. Also we are so glad to be able to get in on a very special bridal shower on Saturday afternoon. So excited.

The only bummer is that David isn't able to come along with us. And wow, are his girls ever going to be missing him.

So Mommy's bag is packed. Babies bag is packed. And a tote has been been packed with snacks and books, kiddy music Cd's, and the portable DVD player, which I am only bringing in case I need them to fall back on. Another way to word it might be I am only bringing all this stuff in the event I should need to prevent/stop/distract from the very common occurrence these days of what you often hear called a melt down. What I am really hoping for is hours of girly conversation, in between naps. Sure it will be all about how much we like ladybugs and lollipops and what color this or that is, and making every imaginable animal sound and singing B-I-N-G-O two hundred times in a row and maybe if the sky is cloudless, there will be exclaiming over the fact that it's, in her very own words, a " bright sunny day." And I will catch myself in the rear view mirror, with these huge grins, amazed as I realize for the billionth time how the dearly the Lord has blessed me. And how those blessings have multiplied since the day this most precious little person entered my heart and life. And will get lost in those sweet thoughts, until she pipes up with a " Chelle-chelle, sing... You Are My Sunshine." And before I start into the song , even though she probably won't get it, I'll be sure to tell her. " No, you are. "

Be back Monday.