Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Peasant Princess # 6: My Dove

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You don’t just feel bad… you are bad. Many of the problems in your life come from within yourself, and you need to confess, repent, then seek restitution and reconciliation. Learn more in this sermon on Song of Songs chapter 6.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

{ Just another ordinary miracle today }

Here is Annabelle drawing a picture for Granny Annie.
To the casual onlooker this is probably does not hint towards much in the way of genius but to Daddy and Mommy it's huge. Without any help she made her first two smiley faces and ( most of the time ) can properly write a capital A and a capital N, everything its correct spot, . We are loving these light bulb moments. Watching in amazement as she starts to " get " stuff, and as her hand to eye coordination begins to kick in. Of course David sees it as more of an miniature academic accomplishment...... and I see it as a beautiful and creative work of art. We both agree that on this roller coaster ride that so often parenting a toddler is, we'd have to say that this morning adds up to an absolute high.

Chanting to herself as she writes with a flourish....
" A, for Annabelle....up....down...and...across!!!"

Friday, November 21, 2008

So my house looks like a disaster area...

...but at least it's a pretty mess...as the dining room table and floor are covered in scrappy tidbits. I am in a hurry to finish up my projects before tomorrow's deadline...while Annabelle entertains both of us, by riding her "horse" otherwise known as the vacuum cleaner in a twirly skirt and cowboy hat, which she likes to wear sideways. Every few minutes she comes over to pick the threads off of my pants. We carry on these funny little conversations about nothing really. She asks me random questions like, " Mommy will you be my hugaroo? " If you are wondering what exactly a hugaroo is, take a look at this precious little book we are enjoying from the library this week. I say, " Yes, of course!" She replies to me " Okay. Thanks. "
Melt my heart, why don't you kid?

And I think to my self, life is so sweet. Everyday, ordinary life...big fat messy messes and all.
Speaking of which, I actually better get started on it now, if I hope to have the house back in to even the smallest semblance of order by the time David gets home. Because it's that bad.
So while I am working on that I will be thanking Jesus for all the little ways He sweetens each day...even the particularly not so easy ones.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remember this cute little sun dress?

And this too sweet for words pinafore?

They were made by a lovely and talented friend of mine. Who also happens to have her very own, very lovely little shop on Etsy. Need something done up in a particular size? She does custom orders. :) And I can vouch for the finished product....lovely, lovely, lovely.

As easy as it would be to keep her all to myself, I really can't help but brag on her and the beautiful things she creates...after all the rest of the world deserves to discover her too.

I love you Nan. And I can hardly wait to see that little Christmas dress you are sewing up for Annabelle. I am quite certain it is going to be sweet beyond compare.

The Peasant PrincessPart 5: My Beloved, My Friend

Description:We are fundamentally selfish. The question is do you want to change and to what degree? Will you continue in selfishness, or be more like Jesus and have a servant’s heart?

Song of Songs 5:2- 6:1

Friday, November 14, 2008

{ Signature Annabelle }

The following is a very cute email we just sent to some very dear family of ours.

Dear Mor Mor, Uncle Johnny and Auntie Greta,

This is the sail boat my daddy made for me. We played in the rain lasterday ( yesterday) and jumped in muddle puddles and floated our boat in the ribber (river: which was actually a creek).

It was fun.
I love you.


Annabelle Lucy

She is in love with the boat. I am in love with her Daddy, for his idea to make it for her and all for the fun we had, sailing it in the creek.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

{ Such Lucky Ducks }

The rain this week has kept us mostly indoors so Annabelle and I have been enjoying some fun fall projects. Waxed Paper " Stained Glass" Leaves to hang in the front window and a couple batches of homemade play dough. But by far her favorite " thing " to do all week is help me unload the silver wear from our wonderful new dishwasher. She is such an enthusiastic little helper and makes daily chores so much more fun. Her eagerness is contagious.

I have also been working away on stocking up my Etsy Shop with some cozy banners for Thanksgiving. And looking forward what comes next: Christmas paperie goodness!!!!

David has been home with us almost every day this week, thanks to the really stormy weather. Since we got married, five years ago, I have in particular looked forward to what we affectionately refer to around here as a " rain day." A impromptu day when it rains hard enough to cancel work and instead we get to cuddle each other up. We had gone through almost an entire paving season without a single "rain day" until they piled up this week. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and then of course our weekend. Annabelle and I are feeling pretty spoiled, as you can imagine. David even cooked dinner for us last night...a rare treat. Shrimp Lemon Peppered Linguine . It was so gourmet and yummy and for those of you who know David, a total treat to see him cooking. I was so impressed.
And Annabelle has been soaking up and loving all this daddy-time. One minute they are on the floor "wresting" and growling at each other. The next she's dressed in her pink princess dress with built in music box that plays Swan Lake, and her cloppy pink feathered high heels and waltzing and spinning away gracefully in her Daddy's arms.
I must admit I was a little bit reluctant to see this week end, even knowing we were being spoiled and what a truly rare treat it is to get random, unexpected at-home holidays in the first place.

This pretty little girl of ours has has either entered the almost-three-year-old stage or she has simply " up-ed her game " in the last couple weeks especially and has been known at times to give me/us a run-for-our-money. Little fire ball. She tells us knowingly , " some days I a good girl, some days I a naughty girl." So know we know she knows. And I have a whole stack of parenting books on order from the library. Feeling the need to be learning and growing in my parenting as our free spirited little girl learns and grows and becomes more confident in her spunky-ness. Don't get me wrong, we head over heels adore her at this age, even with it's challenges. She keeps us on our toes with her limitless energy and zip and we wouldn't have it any other way. Because of her there is twice as many smiles and twice as much laughter in our home.

New baby is now 15 weeks old. We had an appointment last week and can I just tell you what sweet, sweet music to my ears it is to hear that speedy little heart beating strong. I am sure I almost hold my breath until I hear it...and squeeze David's hand really tightly...and then there this is huge wave of relief, followed by a great big sigh and whipsered, "thank-you Jesus."
I am loving the gentle sensations of movement. At this point I only notice them if I am laying really still and quiet. Annabelle says, "Mommy is your baby bumping around in your tummy? " I cannot wait for those little flips and kicks to be big enough for her to feel and see.
I am beginning to feel less tired. And am excited to get back some energy. This pregnancy feels like it is flying by. In just three weeks we get to take a little peek-a-boo and hopefully find out who exactly this little person of ours is that we have come to love so much already. We don't have a girl name picked out and have decided to wait and come up with one until we find whether or this babykins is or is not another girl??? Such anticipation!

I cannot seem to get much written on my blog these days. But I am sure enjoying all the wonderful, creative and encouraging things you ladies have been posting. I especially am loving the 30 Days of Gratefulness posts that dear friends Andi and Jacy and others are doing.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Peasant Princess # 4: His Garden

A wedding day is a beautiful thing, but the most important day of your marriage is the last day. In this sermon, Pastor Mark looks at the wedding day of the Princess and King Solomon. The first day paints the picture of a wonderful marriage, but later, the marriage is ruined because Solomon does not stay faithful to his wife, his covenant, or his God. A marriage should be lived with a focus on the last day, and we should learn from the sins of King Solomon.