Monday, November 03, 2008

The Peasant Princess # 4: His Garden

A wedding day is a beautiful thing, but the most important day of your marriage is the last day. In this sermon, Pastor Mark looks at the wedding day of the Princess and King Solomon. The first day paints the picture of a wonderful marriage, but later, the marriage is ruined because Solomon does not stay faithful to his wife, his covenant, or his God. A marriage should be lived with a focus on the last day, and we should learn from the sins of King Solomon.


Fairlightday said...

I missed this one when I downloaded all of them to iTunes, so we can't wait to listen to it! These have been such a blessing. Thanks for sharing!

Little Candle said...

Thank you again for posting about these. Marriage seems to be a theme these days and I am so glad. I hope you are doing are you feeling? So far so good?

Sarah :)

Jessica Jean said...

I really like that...leason of the day it gets me thinking, also that even the mighty men used by God failed, we can all fail if were not carful we have to resist the enemy...and yes im so excited about tomorrow, my nephews birthday im sure he will really make out! Thanks for comin over and showin some love can't wait to read more!!!