Monday, October 27, 2008

Playing Catch-Up.

{ A radom mosaic, to illustrate a random post }

I have been tagged...twice now. And everyday I think to myself, " I really should write up those tag posts...." Then I procrastinate and never actually get around to doing it? It's not that they aren't usually really fun to do, or that I don't love reading what my fellow tagee's post up... it's just maybe more that I have stalling issues? So in order to clear my conscience and once again feel like an upstanding citizen of this blogging community, am going to finally and probably last of all, fulfill my tagging duties.

Here are seven random things for my darling sister in law, who makes me pretty, pretty things and is always spoiling me and who I love and miss at this moment, quite dearly.

#1. I have been craving some rather interesting food already in this pregnancy. For instance, and I do apologize in advance if this totally grosses you out. But for days on end now I have been making grilled cheese on whole wheat bread for us and then dipping it in ( yum, yum ) applesauce. I have even got Annabelle to eat her grilled cheese this way with me. Many years ago my Dad showed us this extra special way to eat grilled cheese. That must be where I got the idea, but it's been years since I indulged in this particular method of eating a grilled cheese sandwich but oh, I cannot seem to get enough of them. Other things I crave on a daily basis are, carrots dipped in blue cheese dressing, and orange juice with pop corn, oh an my current favorite snack: dill pickles. Did any of you have funny/odd cravings? Or any clues as to what these cravings might mean? Could this all mean that their is a baby boy in our future?

#2. I adore toddler-talk. It's one of the reasons I am just in love with the age Annabelle is at right now. For all the funny/cute things and conversations we have on a regular basis. One of my current favorites is how she calls a grass hopper a hopper grass.

#3. We are so excited to find out whether or not this baby is a brother or sister for Annabelle, if it's a " sister baby "we don't have the slightest idea of what we will to name her, on the other hand if it's a boy, it's already been decided and he will be our long dreamed of, Jack Dawson. Jack we have had picked out for years. Dawson is a name David discovered and we both love it most of all because of it's meaning: David's son.

#4. As soon as I finish up this tag I am going to whip up a batch of these. They are David's new favorite.

#5. Most of the year because my feet are so prone to get blisters, I try and get away with wearing either my Reef flip-flops or my black Mary Jane crocs. This becomes a bit of a challenge every winter, as you can imagine.

# 6. Secretly, I must admit I have a totally nerdy side. Proof is in the notebooks full of quotes I keep. I love collecting quotes. I cherish each one of those as treasured pieces of wit and wisdom and read them over often. Here is a random quote from one of my notebooks:

The Bible tells us that we are God's masterpieces. In the Greek, poiema: not only creatures but His creations, His poems. We are living epistles. And so, our lives are meant to be listened to, because it is God who is speaking into and out of and through them, through the parable of each day, the symphony of the years, and the masterpiece of a lifetime. I f He is speaking through our lives, then nothing else matters than listening to Him.

Life is a song we must sing with our days

A poem with meaning more than words can say.

A painting with colors no rainbow can tell

A lyric that rhymes either heaven or hell.

We are living letters that doubt desecrates

We're the notes of the song of the chorus of faith

God shapes every second of our little lives

And minds every minute as the universe goes by.

The pain and the longing

The joy and the moments of light

Are the rhythm and rhyme

The free verse of the poem of life

So look in the mirror and pray for the grace

To tear of the mask, see the art of your face

Open your ear lids to hear the sweet song

Of each moment that passes and pray to prolong

Your time in the ball of the dance of your days

Your canvas of colors of moments ablaze

With all that is holy,

With the joy and the strife

With the rhythm and rhyme of the poem of your life.

( Reference Eph. 2:10 and 2 Cor. 3:3 )

-Michael Card

# 7. Is actually my second tag. Thank you ever so much to the most adorable/amazing little domestically inclined homebody of an Aussie I know, for the fun tag.

I went to my pictures and clicked on the fourth album. This is the fourth picture in that album. It's Annabelle at around 14 months. And my does it ever a reminder to me of how fast time is going. And it make me so thankful that I am writing down in this blog all the snippets of sweetness I can, because the days and months and now years go by too quickly.

This was fun. Now I am going to run and make those cookies, before I turn into a pumpkin. Which happens shockingly early, these days.


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

first, I have to be honest, the grilled cheese sandwich dipped into apple sauce did gross me out a bit hehehe the joys of pregnancy lol my mom always told me that the things we crave hold the nutrients we need. She also said that while pregnant with me, she craved ice chips because her body needed iron lol...With Ryder I think I craved Root beer on a daily basis and I can't think of one healthy thing in a bottle that I would "need" hehe
secondly, I love the name Jack Dawson! Love it!
third-ly I am so sorry about your feet! Benji and I both are huge fans of reef flip flops, he wears them all summer long hehe
fourthly I love your randomns and that adorable picture of Annabelle and your quotes are all so beautiful in fact I think I may have a new favorite
lots of love your way from ours :)

Aunt Tea said...

two of nmy boys ADORE grilled cheese dipped in applesauce!

many many moons of moons ago, i learned that po... (ooops forgot how to spell it) meant poem, and i never ever forgot it.

kt mac said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. Friends of the Heart I adore that the only part of our friendship I hate is that we are worlds apart often existing in different days... Your a little slow Miss Chelle (in the nicest possible way of course) :P

I loved your post and had a giggle at your cravings too. And that picture of Annabelle is darling. I'm so glad you played along.

And nothing appeared from you in the mail today, although I did receive Fairlight's scraps. I have yet to receive Jacy's. You are making me very excited though I will join you on the pins and needles.. I am almost wishing the weeks away looking forward to receiving (and people receiving)packages in the mail lol
I will send you word the moment it is in my hands :)

mudpies4all said...

Chelle, Thanks for all of the beautiful posts all in a row. Your posts always make me smile and the pictures of Annabelle are so sweet that I almost want to cry. How I do love that little girl and her very precious Mommy! Grilled cheese and applesauce doesn't sound especially good to me, but people eat apple pie and cheese together, so why not? If it works for you... Enjoy! Love you, dear friend!! XOXOXO, Dawna

Aminta said...

Mmmm wishing, oh wishing that I could be with you. To cry with you for so many haooy and sad things and to simply be in the same room with you. I miss you.
Miss your laugh, because I have not made you laugh much lately with all of my down-ness. :( Miss your smile, your sweetness with Annabelle, and SO wishing I were close enough to see you and that darling baby bump grow.
I guess just plain missing you.
And I adore these posts...... your randoms are so much fun!!!! The grilled cheese thingy is not so bad, pickles are not so strange and I have heard alot worse!
I desire greatly to be there at one point to hear that heart beat!
Think that might be able to happen?
I love you, I love you, I love you.
MUAHs to you three!
Minta said... crazy aren't they? i'm still sticking to my sour gummie worms. i read somewhere that sweet cravings = girl and sour cravings = boy. i can't quite figure out which category either of our cravings fit into!! and i love, love the name jack. jack dawson. so completely adorable.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Oh! I love the boy name you have picked too! It's awesome!

This was just so much fun to read Chelle! I so enjoy getting to know you better. :)

Cottage Mommy said...

That was a fun post and that picture of your little sweetie was so darling! My husband eats his grilled cheese dipped in ketchup! I thought that was weird too but it isn't half bad. I also had a roommate once who made homemade mac and cheese and put peaches on it. I guess the same idea, cheesy and sweet. I am addicted lately (and before becoming preggo) to Safeway's bakery farmstyle bread grilled cheese with American cheese. Sooo good. I craved sweets in a major way when I was pregnant with my girl. I don't remember with my boy. I got to have a surprise ultrasound yesterday because they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. It was so fun to see the little baby squirming around! The ultrasound tech said it wouldn't stop moving and I think it was because I had a cup and a half of coffee yesterday morning! Sorry for the book of a comment!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I left you a message in facebook, but I wanted to come here and tell you that I did indeed recieve the most darling package today!! Thank you SO MUCH chelle you are turly such a sweet friend and I am so glad I have that in you, Noah LOVED his little Note from Annabelle adn we spent roughly twenty minutes talking about his sweet friend Annabelle then browsing through her pictures for him to look at :) He said "good chocolate!"
Thank you so much you are too kind and the fabric is beautiful I can't wait to get started! You should be getting yours soon!
Love you dearly sweets :D

Rachel said...

re # 1, and you can add this to your quotes also:
An apple pie without some cheese
is like a kiss without a squeeze!
(Don't remember where I heard that, but there you have your apples and cheese.) I personally think it sounds awful, but Grannie eats apples and cheese together every morning, and she's great! So are YOU! Ask Deb about me and Sub sandwiches at a certain point in my pregnancies! Love you four lots!

AndiMae said...

So many sweet things to comment on!

01. That is such a beautiful mosaic! I think that you have definitely got me addicted to making them too! I spent way too long working on mine the other night...

02. I didn't really have any crazy cravings with either of my kids, but I did always crave grilled cheese! And I did crave different things with Audrey than with Elliot, so maybe the whole boy versus girl thing is true...

03. I love toddler talk too- now if only we remembered to write every cute little thing they say down! It is amazing how quickly you forget things you want so much to remember-especially when you are pregnant...

04. You know how very much I love your boy name AND am hoping and wishing for a little boy for you :)

05. I didn't know that about your feet! You poor thing. Have you ever tried Earth shoes? They are kind of spendy, but I got some for my birthday last year and they are seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever had! I never had to break them in- they were comforable right away. I got mine from Zappos because they have free shipping both ways and a great return policy...

06. You are definitely not nerdy, just incredibly cute! And I love that quote so much. You always share such great ones.

07. And oh! That picture of Annabelle is absolutely beautiful. Although it makes me a little sad to think how very fast our kids are growing up!

08. You should check out's post today- it is all about clearing out your email inbox- very inspiring, considering our mutual struggle with overwhelming inboxes!

09. Geesh. Sorry about all the rambling! I love you!

have a lovely said...

such sweetness from the most cheerful gal I know! love your creative cravings although I don't know that I can join you in indulging in applesauce dips and love love the name if you little bundle is a beau!

and such sweetness...I got the most thoughtful package in the mail today and it couldn't have come on a more perfect day...for tomorrow I will drink my morning coffee from it and think of such sweet friends who are thoughtful just because!!! thank you thank you thank you!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I craved a lot of grilled cheese in the beginning of pregnancy too, however, the applesauce idea eludes me a bit. I do like it a lot on it's own though!

I'm excited to see if you will have a boy or girl too, what a fun time for you and your family!

Fairlightday said...

I love your post here, sweet friend. All your random tidbits and Annabelle's sweet picture. So wonderful and dear. Love you!

kt mac said...

did you get my email?

my package came :D!
I am amazed. totally totally amazed

Summer said...

i just stumbled upon your lovely blog here and wanted to say that I love your title and love your shop and especially the "give thanks" banner!
thanks for brightening my day