Monday, October 27, 2008

These Happy Golden Days...

( I have to tell you the story behind this beloved little smock.

Minta made us matching mother/daughter aprons, as one of my many birthday gifts.

It's reversible, and exquisitely made and of course she loves it and I adore her in it. )

A reoccurring theme around our house these days seems to involve Annabelle and a giant pile of leaves. Great big bright blue skies with every shade of yellow orange and red, softly falling down from every nook and cranny and tree in our little corner of the world. With the warm sun and cool breezes, the past few days have been glorious. She has been out in our back yard dancing with the leaves on these chilly, sunny afternoons. She loves a blustery day. She comes by it naturally. I am starting to see little hints of myself as a little girl in her. For as long as I can remember I have loved to go out and lean in to the wind, or to go mud puddle jumping.

Both things we she share an affection for.

That's my girl.


Aunt Tea said...

i love fall too. your little family is so sweet.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I ADORE these picures Chelle. She is such a beautiful little girl and of course the aprons are so cute, Aminta is so very sweet and thoughtful!
I have to say that I am really taken by Annabelle's beautiful blonde curls and how they are so radiantly golden from the sun's beautiful and truly happy golden times :D
love you sweet friend

Lisa said...

could she possibly get any cuter.....

so glad to hear you are enjoying this fantastic time of the year, before you know it it will be far too cold to enjoy the sunshine!

so missy, how are you feeling these days - very very well I hope!

kt mac said...

Beautiful pictures Chelle your little munchkin is so cute and I love the smock and the idea of matching ones - how sweet is Aminta :)seriously what a beautiful sister in law you have!

Also... I haven't received your package yet, or any scraps for the swap hopefully they will start coming in soon! And I sent yours out last week too, so they should arrive hopefully this week?! Oh the joys of living so far away!!

enjoy your evening x

Ace said...

the pictures are wonderful...the leaves are so gorgeous, and your little girl glowing in the midst of them must be such a delight to you.