Monday, October 27, 2008

The Peasant Princess: Part 3, The Little Foxes

Every marriage has fears, foxes, and friends. Fears can break trust and intimacy, foxes are the seemingly small sins that sneak into a marriage and create disunity, and friends need to be there to hold a marriage in accountability and help each spouse love one another and Jesus more.

I just remember David saying as we walked out of church that week, that this was one of the best most practical sermons he had ever heard. To which I absolutely agreed. Are you curious now?


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I really loved the Part 2 so I am sure this is going to be fantastic. Benji says they are very, wonderful sermons! We love that you are sharing this with everyone Chelle :)
I am super excited for you, I know you will be a wonderful mommy to two :) The fears all fade away as things come to us naturally I believe. I found myself thinking on certain situations and then of course, analyzing them lol You will do fantastic!
I haven't recieved the scraps yet, I am still watching the mail though! I'll let you know when I recieve them, it should be soon!
love you dearie :D