Thursday, January 20, 2011

{ goings on }

Life this month, has been super sweet albeit a little a lot on the crazy side for us. But if you look at our track record, that is nothing new.

  We are giddy over this sweet up and coming girl-baby of ours. Take your pick on what you'd like to call her for now anyway. She has multiple nick-names: Tulip ( started by the P's ) Paprika ( what her uncles call her) or Buttercup ( circa Auntie Roo ) and she is going to be here and will be needing a proper name before we know it...and we are beside ourselves with anticipation.  

  Oh and our house sold. Just like that. We are still sort of reeling over that one. The first couple to walk through, obviously fell for it and made an offer the next day. And I win " the bet " as I had been telling David for months..." I really wouldn't be surprised if the first people to look at it, buy it babe. " I have had many mixed feelings over all of it. At the time I promised David that it was okay with me to go ahead and list the house for sale, I was in a rather energetic stage in my pregnancy...that of course came to a screeching halt, just as soon as we'd signed the papers for the sale of our home sweet home and I have since then quickly transitioned into the highly emotionalwreck/nesting phase, also known as the third trimester. But as always, God has met us with all the grace we could possibly need, and His love has pulled us through...on my dark doubting days, on my how is it ever all going to work out we face the coming months of change. He has blessed us with such a beautiful community of family + friends who pray us through, who refrain from calling us insane ( to our faces anyway ) and who love us and take our children and offer to help in any way we might possibly need. And we are feeling humbled and overwhlemed once again by His daily goodness and blessings.   

  After looking at twenty some houses, and making an offer on one, that wasn't much as we hate the thought of moving twice, we've switched gears and decided to rent and were able to find a really sweet little house ( God bless Craigs List ), for a really sweet little deal on which we only had to sign a 4 month lease. That will take off a whole lot of pressure to buy on such a short time-table. We really didn't want to just settle for anything short of something we love for the next little place to call home, and this will get us settled in plenty of time before Tulip/Paprika/Buttercup/ arrives. Oh and here is an interesting sidenote, we close on our house exactly a year to the day we moved in, Feb. 28th. Isn't that wild?

  Upon the sale of said home sweet home a certain very generous/smoking hot husband of mine, has promised me a camera. And not just any camera but one that I can get serious with in pursuing some of my photography dreams...and a get-away to the ocean for a few days on top of that...And yes, for the record I am feeling utterly spoiled and a little guilty about these luxuries.

  I was really longing to go into this year with lots of time for reflection and well just with more intention + focus about so many things...heart + soul sort of things mainly. I really wanted to choose a word for the year. But I am still waiting for one to grab me...and I haven't even had time to think about making resolutions... But as we slip away this weekend, I am looking forward to quiet time, and reading a whole stack of books, and kite-flying...and playing and laughing and resting... for time to listen, to be with Jesus, for sweet time together, for time to just breathe a little. 

  Going to wrap up this way too long post with these two pictures from yesterday afternoon of Annabelle and Jack dressed up as bride and a groom...I couldn't get over how cute they were.   

Monday, January 17, 2011

{ Excerpt }

By the deep + luminous Ann Voskamp .

Friday, January 07, 2011

{ Huge Crush }

Oh Jack-Jack, how many times a day do you make my heart swell in happiness + delight until it feels like it's about to pop.

The way you say " yay " instead of yes...
The way you squeeze me with both hands all way around my neck when you hug me
How you always asks first thing when you wake up in the morning, " Where's Dada? Where's Sister ?"  And how after I tell you, you always says..." oh."
The way you are instantly sorry and try and comfort me, after you've pulled my hair again.
That you always say "muahhh" when you kiss
How your twinkle-blue eyes, blonde widows peak and back of your neck make me coo-coo brained.
How much you loves looking at books and making us laugh
The way you tromps around in the house your overalls,
And the way you love to help.
Your all contagious belly laugh.
The way you say "bo-mp," being half bonk and half bump...when you get an owey.
Your whole miniature boy lingo... " Iwannawa "...( I want a waffle )
With the majority of your vocabulary consisting of truck, tool and food related words.
Oh and how can I forget how you unmistakably whispered into my ear during church last Sunday in the sweetest possible way..." I love you..."


Seriously you guys, I am a total goner.

{ House Tour }

For Christmas I made David a book with before + after pictures and a detailed description of our start-to-finish house project. I thought you might like to take a peek. If you ask me, it is beyond dream house material. 

All after pictures taken by the ever amazing Andi Mae Photography. 

And I just shot off an email to Country Living. I would be so happy to honor some of the very dearest people in my life, in at least attempting to get our little house into a magazine. I know, I know I dream big. But there's no harm in trying.