Thursday, February 26, 2009

{ stuck in my head }

A couple days ago we spotted a patch of sunshine,
it was bunches of daffodils blooming along the roadside.
This morning we woke up to snow on the ground.
And today we girls can not get enough of her.
We must have listened to this song
(which is now playing at the top of my play list )
a dozen plus times already this morning,
with big smiles on our faces and our heads bouncing...
and I just can't get over this line...
" I want to send out a gazillion bouquets..."
I adore that line.
And now we are sitting here sharing a bowl of baby dill pickles, wishing we could send a bouquet to each dear one of you.

Oh the bliss of an ordinary day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{ stretch marks of the heart }

Gosh I am in love with this little boy that is growing inside of me.
And as of tomorrow I am 30 weeks.
I told David the other night that he feels something like a cross between a small earthquake, a bowling ball and Gumby...but as the flutters have grown into rumbles, I realize I am falling harder every day for him.
I love how he seems to respond to our voices when we talk to him via my anything but small tum...I love Annabelle is infatuated with anything she notices " tiny babies" everywhere we go, binky's, itsy-bitsy diapers, double strollers, any small item of clothing that is not pink or purple, she says he will have baby boy curls, as she has finally come to accept, after much persuasion the fact that boys sometimes have curls too. She loves to tell people that it's Jacks turn to have a birth day next. Yes it is. And we can hardly wait for that day to hurry up and get here. In the meantime, I am wanting to cherish each and every one of these rough and tumble tummy moments. Knowing it is his way of letting me know he is a-ok in there. To love the here and now, even if I am have a hard time bending over, or pulling Annabelle out of her car seat, or sleeping soundly at night...but those discomforts are nothing compared to the joys they bring along with them. Nothing, I tell you.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

{ Celebrating Annabelle }

{ Peek-a-boo! Annabelle would like to thank each dear one of you for all your precious wishes and birthday love }

{ as you can see her skill at showing how many fingers/years old she is improving daily }

{ we had so much fun at the park, on her birthday, Daddy came home with a tiny carton of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream and two miniature cakes, that were just her size, then we went out for pizza, just us...such fun! }
{ David had the day off yesterday, and the sun was out so we spent it picnicking at one of our favorite spots and took a walk around the lake and played at the park }

{ Annabelle riding her tricycle around in the darling sun dress that her beloved and amazing Auntie M. made for her happy birthday... I thought the dress looked so sweet on her that I literally couldn't stop taking pictures of her in it. }

The last few days with her have been a pure delight.

And I don't see how today could possibly be any sweeter, but then again...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

{ 3 }

I am going to try and hurry and write this before my little birthday girl wakes up. Earlier this morning before he left for work, David and I were leaning together over her sleepy little head and just had one of those overwhelming moments where the tears well up and without saying a word we each knew the others much we love her, so much it much she's grown... how glad we are that she's ours...and for the sparkle she brings to our every day lives...and how beautiful she is to us.

Oh I think I hear a little someone waking up. Time for happy birthday snuggles.

A little bit later:
The first words out of her mouth this morning were, " Now is my happy birthday! Sing to me Mommy! " As she holds up three fingers, which is so unspeakably cute because it takes so much effort with her mouth twisted to one side, and her nose wrinkled up as she winks with one eye, and uses her other hand to hold down her pinkie and thumb.

I have a feeling, it's going to be a good day. A really good day.
And year, while were at it.