Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{ stretch marks of the heart }

Gosh I am in love with this little boy that is growing inside of me.
And as of tomorrow I am 30 weeks.
I told David the other night that he feels something like a cross between a small earthquake, a bowling ball and Gumby...but as the flutters have grown into rumbles, I realize I am falling harder every day for him.
I love how he seems to respond to our voices when we talk to him via my anything but small tum...I love Annabelle is infatuated with anything she notices " tiny babies" everywhere we go, binky's, itsy-bitsy diapers, double strollers, any small item of clothing that is not pink or purple, she says he will have baby boy curls, as she has finally come to accept, after much persuasion the fact that boys sometimes have curls too. She loves to tell people that it's Jacks turn to have a birth day next. Yes it is. And we can hardly wait for that day to hurry up and get here. In the meantime, I am wanting to cherish each and every one of these rough and tumble tummy moments. Knowing it is his way of letting me know he is a-ok in there. To love the here and now, even if I am have a hard time bending over, or pulling Annabelle out of her car seat, or sleeping soundly at night...but those discomforts are nothing compared to the joys they bring along with them. Nothing, I tell you.

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Aunt Tea said...

happy, happy 30 weeks! so good to have an update on you. Ü

AndiMae said...

I think that Mr. Jack is such a lucky boy to have you as his mama! So lucky. And I can't wait to see that cute belly of yours in person- only 2 more weeks! I can't wait!! I love you!

P.S. Please tell Miss Annabelle a late happy birthday from us. I would have had Audrey call, but you know how she gets on the phone :)

Aminta said...

Awe! How I miss you more when I come and read tid-bits like this from you. I love how you love. Simply put.
There is a really cool little give away over at this ladies blog. Go and visit using the link at my blog post.
P.S. Boy is it ever refreshing when I get a good dose of you. Even if it is on the phone!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I can't believe you are already 30 weeks! But am getting so over the hills excited for you! Can I just say how lucky big girl Annabelle and little baby Jack are, to have you two as parents. You must be the sweetest person I know, Chelle and such a blessing from God to give you two precious little souls...I do pray that the remaining of your pregnancy goes by very well, getting rest, and feeling comfortable...I know how much harder it tends to get toward the end!
love you dearly friend!!

Leslie said...

I cannot even wait to get that sweet family of yours in my little lens,and capture just a little bit of this anticipation.

Can't even wait. Your so precious and Jack is a blessed boy to be picked perfectly for this home!!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet, sweet post! And yay for an adorable little boy who will be joining the world in just about two months. I am so excited for your little family and I just can't hardly wait for the "little Jack is here" post:) Blessings! said...

Oh so sweet! 30 weeks already? My how it flies by. Can't wait to see {Jack's} birthday and those bitty boy curls that come with.

I never stop feeling amazed about those rough tummy tumbles. You're right. Nothing compares.

Cottage Mommy said...

Such a sweet post! 30 weeks feels like a big milestone doesn't it? You are actually a week ahead of me...I can't wait to be in the thirtieth week. Something feels good about that mentally! I know what you mean about the tummy rumbles. Sometimes I feel like Quinn is trying to bust on out of there! This is such a fun but hard time. I am getting more and more uncomfortable and it seems so close yet agonizingly far away! Excited for you....

Cat said...

I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are enjoying lovely day doing ordinary things with Jack even before he arrives.

39 years ago today, celebrating my 24th b'day, I went into labor, and my precious son arrived 5 minutes after midnight, so he has his own b'day tomorrow. Isn't it a precious thing to have such rich memories. They'll be like that for you too!