Thursday, April 19, 2007

14 Months Today

...and she's officially walking.

My Dad sent me an email this afternoon that read:
" There she goes. Life will never be the same. But that's ok.
Love, Pops

Some of Her Favorite Things
Right Now:

Playing peek-a-boo. Which consists of her yelling out "boooh" when she hides her face only to very quickly peek back at us with a huge grin, often accompanied by squeals. She is so very proud of herself for being so tricky! And we of course laugh and laugh because we can't help ourselves.

The other big thing that she's into right now is the bellybutton game. You should really play it sometime! The object is to lift your shirt ( or even your "team-mates" shirt if you'd rather) or look down your( or your "team-mates") shirt. Once you've finally spotted the sought after b.b. (which we have shortened it to "bee-boo") , burst out into a giggle of glee and then proceed to tickle yourself or your "team-mate" with gusto.
You repeat this pattern over and over until you get distracted by something like, the cat for instance.

Words She is saying:

Hi there! (hii-der)
happy ( my favorite word that she says)
boo (booh)
thank you ( we tell her,
" say please' so she says " tane-choo")
side (outside)
pretty ( my other favorite word that she says...
usually either in response to someone's earrings or a flower
we've stopped to smell)
one ( if you ask her " how old is baby")
that (dat) as she says it as a question and points at everything,
wanting to know what "that" is...

So aside from the occasional poop in the bath-tub,
refusal to nap or eat her peas,
emptying of the contents of
every bottom drawer in our house,
and throwing the kind of fit that is accompanied
by throwing oneself down on the floor,
much wailing and kicking of the feet...
being her mommy is pure bliss.


Marie said...

Treasure these moments for all that they are. Time passes all too quickly. My baby is now 18 1/2. I would give anything to be able to hold him safe in my arms again, if only for a moment.

Leslie said...

love it Chelle,
also love that all these photos are of her off and running...
no camera shall see that face again... unless she is sleeping.

So precious!

Jerusalem said...

I love "tane choo." I think they all say something close to that. So cute. I love that my oldest says "Mudder" for Mother. I will never, ever correct that. Just too cute. BTW - that blue in my bath is a mix of an "oops" paint and an old Martha Stewart color from about 5 years ago. Can't even remember the name now...

Lisa said...

Yay, Annabelle! So amazing that she's walking ... so amazing that Mom is running after her ... ;) Blessings ...