Monday, April 23, 2007

productivity and a favorite pair of jammies...

Now that Babykins is tucked all nice and snug into bed for the night, in the cutets pair of jammies you have ever seen, I am ready to create.

I'm feeling ambitious tonight, planning to stay up late to cut and paste. So that soon I will have new items to add to my Esty shop. I've got all manner of pretty paperie scraps and goodies out on the kitchen table, just waiting to be turned into some small work of art.
I am working on Mothers Day Cards right now,
and feeling quite productive indeed.


Amanda said...

somehow i stumbled across the link to your blogspot blog...i love the set-up...and annabelle's precious pjs...and your splendid card. hoping you had plenty of time for creating. is the weather gorgeous by you...i know elizabeth and i have been savoring the april sunshine the past week or so...glorious spring!

Leslie said...

So so so so cute. Love the designs and love your whole little etsy shop! Lots of BEEE-U-TIFUL things in there..... :)

Love it!


Andrea said...

Yes, I did finally make the decision to change blogs:) It took me a while to find yours, but it seems you did too!! I was just having too many problems with blogger and spaces. I hope that you are having better luck! I love Annabelle's little pjs:) How adorable she looks in them. I hope you had a good time creating. I have been suffering form withdrawls while I've been in Spain. Apparently people here don't feel the need to do anything crafty because I have yet to find any craft supplies except for a bit of yarn. Oh and I have seen your etsy shop, what beautiful cards you have on there!! I was going to tell you that if you are looking for some new ideas, I love looking through the online stampin up catalog! You can click on the projects and they will give you a close up. I always love new inspiration!! Can't wait for your next post.


Connie said...

Love those jammies, and especially the little gal inside the jammies! :-) They match the card in your photo so well....did you plan that?