Friday, April 27, 2007

{polka dots, stripes and florals}

Fabric is a huge source of inspiration for me. Partly because it satifies my constant craving for color. Partly because it means I get to be in the company of polka dots, gingham, ric rac, stripes and florals, all things I am crazy about.

I got to thinking how those very things relate could relate to Home Decor? Could I possibly use my favortie sewing notions to inspire the details and accents in my home? Well, here is a little of what I found. And I am really and truly inspired.

This collage of pretty things is from the English/Vintage/Cottage queen, Cath Kidston :


Amanda said...

such lovely and comforting little images. just this morning i was in a fabric store...and it is just such a wonderful place to be...thoughts of what i will create next...what might warm our little home or cheer a dear friend. i do hope you and miss anniebell are doing well!

Andrea said...

I love Cath Kidson!! She is bookmarked in my favorites under my inspiration/craft section. Great minds must think alike;) Now if I could just afford some of the stuff that she sells... And I simply adore that picture of the green, blue, and white kitchen. Oh to be home and able to finish my decorating... Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!

Leslie said...

love the polka dotted and striped dishes.... love them..

very clean fresh eye .. :)
thanks for the inspiration.

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I especially love that kitchen photo with the shelves. That is so me!!!

Jerusalem said...

Oooh, I adore Cath! I bought a cot/bed at a garage sale today and I can only hope to make it is as cute as the one you have pictured! I love it all!!

Julie Corbett said...

Hi, Chelle. Just found your blog tonight while doing a Google search for polka dots. What a beautiful site you have, and a wonderful Christian testimony as well.