Friday, November 14, 2008

{ Signature Annabelle }

The following is a very cute email we just sent to some very dear family of ours.

Dear Mor Mor, Uncle Johnny and Auntie Greta,

This is the sail boat my daddy made for me. We played in the rain lasterday ( yesterday) and jumped in muddle puddles and floated our boat in the ribber (river: which was actually a creek).

It was fun.
I love you.


Annabelle Lucy

She is in love with the boat. I am in love with her Daddy, for his idea to make it for her and all for the fun we had, sailing it in the creek.


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Those pictures are treasures! :) I can just imagine her looking back over them some day when she is older and smiling at the memories!! :)

Aunt Tea said...

the fun thing is, i have heard both your's and annabelle's voices and i could just hear you both reading that.


Anonymous said...

Dear Annablle,Unlce David, and Auntie Chelle,
We liked seeing the pictures of your boat. Thankyou for the happy birthday present that we are waiting for! (rather eagerly, I might add!) We love you, Jesse and Mari

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the misspelled words! All three of us were trying to type at once! xoxo, Deb

SuzyQ said...

totally CUTE!

Leslie said...

This is my favorite post as of yet..
I adore it, the boat, the curls, the sweet tender way David shows his girls that he loves them, this post is so much richness....

thanks for letting us peek in... :)

Fairlightday said...

Look at those curls in the 1st picture!!! Oh my word! She is one of the best little girls in the whole world. We love her so. And David is such a wonderful daddy. No wonder she loves him so much. Love to you all!

Connie said...

And did she also use that 'humbrella' of hers in the rain? I love her little vocabulary!!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Could a person possibly be more inlove with you and your family?! So adorable, Chelle and I can just picture you sqeeling at all the sweetness within this moment of your blessed life! It doesn't get better than that little girl and her daddy saling boats together now does it?
My arm is doing good and I am hoping the next few weeks go by quickly I can barely stand to wear a cast much longer :P But so glad to have Benji home with us it's always seems so much less stressful when he's around :D
Love you dearly friend!!

Lisa said...

it's these peeks into your life that make me so so eager to have a family of my own!
It's the simple things that make life so sweet, and your blog is proof of that!!!

btw - Annabell looks so adorable in her rain coat and curls!

Cat said...

I hope beyond all hopes that Mor Mor, John and Greta have seen this even if they haven't commented. She is SUCH a darling, as are the rest of you, of course

Donna said...

Chelle, Love those pictures.
She is getting so big and cuter with each day!

Aminta said...

Oh how sweet!!! David is a true gem as is his wife and daughter.
Annabelle is adorable as always! Love the pictures, saving them as I write.
Sigh, wish we were coming for Thanksgiving. Just plain missing you.
I think I need a fix SOON!
Love to you darling sister!!!!!

Little Candle said...

I love that note! A future blogger in the making. And that boat is wonderful.

Amanda said...