Monday, August 08, 2011

{ three guesses }

 As to where the kids and I will be for the next three nights?
Here's a little clue, courtesy of our beautiful, resident 5.5 year old:

 Want another clue? It's one of my very favorite places on planet earth.

I am determined to enjoy every drop of this little summer vacation with my little trio but it sure hurts to be leaving David behind. He's staying home to work and then work some more, on the house, while we're off with his family to play in the sand, chase down waves, kiss on the nieces and nephews and laugh our heads off. 
I would switch places with him in a heartbeat this week...if only I could.


Prairie Rose said...

OoOoo! How delightful!
You and the kiddies have a wonderful time and I look forward to pics;)
I hope that David will be able to join you all on a family adventure very soon!

Chelle said...
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Jackie ;D said...

Awee,havee funn (: