Monday, September 08, 2008

The cure for anything... salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.
-Isak Dinesen

We had such an amazing time away this weekend on the Washington Coast. I am going to attempt to describe the weekend with only words since I sadly have no pictures to share, at least not yet anway. I am waiting for copies of the ones I took from every family member who allowed me to beg, borrow or steal their camera off of them.
Some of the highlights of our trip included...a laughter filled car ride, where David kept cracking the best jokes, Anniebelle napped and napped, and I kept commenting on how short it felt...two and half hours in the car, only two and a half hours...
( for those of you who may think me crazy, let me remind you of our
ten 7+ hour [one way ] trips to ID. since Mothers Day ).
Turning into the most gorgeous little ocean side neighborhood you can possibly imagine, houses painted in various shades of blue and yellow with coordinating shutters, covered with wooden shakes and sporting white trim, complete with complimentary vintage bikes for touring. We pulled up to the tall three story coastal/colonial style house we were to stay in and I was positively giddy. David accused me of being worse than a little kid in a candy shop...squealing and jumping up and down and exclaiming about every little gorgeous detail. The entire house was painted the perfect shade of cheerful yellow, with amazing white tongue and grove ceilings, old fashioned paneled doors and trim. We ran up both flights of stairs, exploring every room and just plain gawking. Realizing we were seriously and officially spoiled.
Getting to fix taco soup in the ever so quaint kitchen of our beach house, with it's pure white cabinets, and baking cornbread in a, get this...confection oven. It turned out fluffier than ever before and golden and perfect. Everyone arriving. Getting to hear and see their amazed reactions.
A walk to the beach, with the pink misty dusk falling in around us.
Skipping and running and twirling on the beach. Taken in by the enchantment. Feeling overwhelmed in this feast of the senses. Annabelle running into the water, drenching her pants and coat...because she couldn't resist the temptation to chase the little waves.
Sitting on a bench with my sweet mother in law, just above the beach marveling together at the sight before our eyes... the sunset with a ruby red glow rimmed by every shade of orange and pink you can imagine, over the water and talking about her beloved, who we miss so much and who has now been gone for a entire year....wondering, imaging what his view of all this might be. Could it be that he was looking , at the very same sunset that we were just from a very different perspective? Then she broke out in song :

Beyond the sunset, O blissful morning,
When with our Savior heav'n is begun;
Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning,
Beyond the sunset when day is done.

Beyond the sunset, no clouds will gather,
No storms will threaten, no fears annoy;
O day of gladness, O day unending,
Beyond the sunset eternal joy!

Beyond the sunset, a hand will guide me
To God the Father whom I adore;
His glorious presence, His words of welcome,
Will be my portion on that fair shore.

Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion,
With our dear loved ones who've gone before;
In that fair homeland we'll know no parting,
Beyond the sunset forever more!

It was just one of those moments in time that I know will forever be stamped on my mind with a profound sense of awe, knowing undoubtedly that God was in that moment of time, in our midst.
Back at the house we warmed up with bowl after bowl of taco soup. Seriously some of the boys had not two but three bowls and I was so glad that I had thought to make two big pots. After all with 7 big buff uncles under one roof, any sort of food, especially if it happens to contain 1.) meat, or 2.) melt-y chocolate chips, does not seem to last more than half a minute. Then there were the three two year old-s who ran from one Uncle/Aunt to the next to be tickled and teased and kissed, repeat though, not necessarily in that order.
After everyone else had gone to bed, Anna and Daniel and I crept out the the hot tub to chat.Then again, we are die-hards in the family. Someone had forgotten to place the cover back on the hot tub and it was anything but hot. I seriously had goose bumps the entire time I was in...but who cares...who is going to give up goose bumps for a warm cozy bed with world's nicest sound asleep snuggle-ready husband...for a cold hot tub full of funny stories, insights and a whole lot of giggles. Not I apparently.
To Be Continued...


Fairlightday said... it. It sounds amazing dear. I'm so glad your sharing. Please continue. Love you!

PS. something very delightful did arrive in the mail Saturday. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. <3
Post coming soon! :)

Cat said...

The delightful story, especially of that sweet mother-in-law you have and the song she sang is truly inspirational; wow! I can hear it now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds soooooo heavenly!

kt mac said...

This sounds like an amazing amazing trip! so glad you had a lovely time. And your mother in law sounds so gorgeous!

waiting for the continuation so I can dream of a quaint little house and family while at work (complete with a hot/cold tub) :P

and thanks for being a follower of my blog.. how loved do I feel :)

enjoy your day

mudpies4all said...

Oh, Chelle! I am not nearly so sad about your camera anymore because you paint such a lovely picture with words. You are truly an inspired artist, my friend, and I love to read your musings. The house and the weekend sound delightful and I'm glad it was so wonderful for you. I can't wait for Part 2!

Leslie said...

oh so so fun, and full of family, and memories and I love love love taco soup.

how delightfull is it all, are you guys actually staying home this weekend???? you busy little bee's.

Lisa said...

sounds amazing! family trips are my very favorite - so glad to hear you had such a fantastic time!
hoping you finish the story soon....

Secondstreetdesigns said...

lovely story, lovely old hymns, I wish we used them more today.

Aminta said...

OOHH! Can't WAIT to read the continuem!
I truly wish we could have been there. BUT there wouldn't have been room for us all anyways.
I am so glad that it was a wonderful, replennishing, warm and cozy (and CHILLY!Burrr, makes me cold even thinking of it! SHEESH!) trip dearest Chelle!
So, it SO sounds like you and Anna way back when, just now you have her man to join and your to cozy you up again! HE HE!
Loves to you and that darling Anniebelles!
Min said...

so glad to hear of your perfect memories!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

If I have never said it before Chelle, I so love and adore you and this post made me grin from ear to ear in happiness for you! Weekends with family like that must make you realize how treasured life really is and how lucky for you that you have such wonderful family! Love the song and you too my dear!

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous family vacation. I can't wait for pictures, and the taco soup recipe, please do share! I've never had taco soup, but it sounds just delicious. Excited to hear the rest of your sweet story!