Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{ Our Weekend - Part 1 }

I still can't believe that this last weekend actually happened. How much guts it must have took those girls to leave their families behind and spend so much time and money to come and meet us and bless us so deeply with their friendship and love....

That included:
talking nonstop
enough to make your jaw hurt
and all at the same time

seeing that face and hugging you
for the first time
absolutely and instantly comfortable
realizing we could sit in the parking lot
at Nordstrom Rack and chat the day away,
so glad to finally be together in person

wandering down the aisle of shoes
teasing and laughing
cause our Orange County girl
had a hard time thinking beyond
ballet flats and flip flops
silly lady barely owns a pair of socks
on second thought, lucky lady

sharing lunch at a new place
wishing the salsa was just a little less spicy
as we talked, flirt with the sweet baby boy, talked some more
Auntie sharing her soda had to have been the highlight for Annabelle
and discovering how refreshing Coke with lemon is

watching Leslie's face pucker up
after she took her first few sips of Starbucks coffee
she was such a super good sport to try that
iced carmel machiato in the first place
but you should have seen it
and we were so cruel to laugh at her
we so should have eased her in with a frappacino
but it's too late now
we think she might be going back to her chai

so much fun to bring them home and fix them dinner
and introduce them to my husband
and play with Cade who we were all smitten with

he especially adored the sweet lady
that totally gave him the giggles

we talked and laughed the evening away
you would have too, if only you could have been there
of course then there was the time I had to go ask what an "augmentation" was

it was a late night with oh so sad teething tummy aching baby boy
and a midnight run to the grocery store for Tylenol
bless your heart Min
once his Mama put him back to bed he slept the entire night
and has continued to do so ever since
we are really hoping that sticks

early up and out the door
in the pouring rain and a hurry
to the airport for the precious lady
who would complete our foursome

to be continued...


Linda said...

Ever since Andi got to meet you in person last summer she has told me how special you are to her. I am so glad you two got to meet more of your blogger friends. It seems to me that God may just have ordained these friendships. Andi told me how extraordinary it was that you all were so immediately comfortable with each other...what a gift. I mentioned on Leslie's blog that it seems as tho you all are "kindred spirits".
I am glad you and Andi are such good friends.
Blessings to you, Linda (Andi's MOM :) )

kt mac said...

ooh Chelle I loved this post and can't wait to read the other parts. I am so glad you guys had an amazing and awesome, relaxing and fun time together. All of you deserve that so much! And laughing over Leslie's shoe and coffee ordeal hehe

And I love what Andi's mum wrote about God ordained friendships - they are just that huh! compeletley unexplainable to anyone else but just so real!

And I am still not on speaking terms with the Pacfic Ocean - fancy getting in the way like that :P

Love you. And have missed you lately while I have been busy..


Aunt Tea said...

it's pretty amazing.

Lisa said...

so far so good - sounds perfect....
can't wait to hear the rest.....

Leslie said...

ahhh just reading this, was fun!! I read it to Nick and he laughed at how fast and excited I read it. But to relive it only for a moment, was good.

Gosh so many good/sweet moments.

And for the record I don't own a single pair of socks! I am silly.

And KT, the pacific Ocean is most definitely in the way.

Aminta said...

Oh! I miss it already!
I just loved every moment. Funny how I couldn't wait to see my kids and hubby. But now I just cannot wait to see you all again!! :)
I love you dearest Chelle, and cannot wait to relive this next part or two!
And..... I am excited to hear what I you guys did when I left.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I am so happy that you girls got to be together!!! How fun!! It all completely sounds absolutely amazing...the words I am sure don't do the feelings and emotions justice, but how awesome for you guys!!! Loved reading "part 1" and so wish I could have been there to see all your pretty faces and laughs and kids and...ahhh lol
Love you so much Chelle!!!

AndiMae said...

I am having so much fun reading everyone's blogs about our sweet weekend together. Now I just need to write mine...

Seriously though, I love what you wrote! I miss you all so much already, but I feel beyond blessed to have been able to be there. So blessed. I am so thankful for you and your sweet friendship, Chelle. I love you!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

It sounds too amazing for words!! You girls were so SO blessed to have this time. Got goosebumps just thinking about it. You wrote this beautifully!!