Friday, March 20, 2009

{ Our Weekend Part - 2 }

So giddy to have the girls meet Andi
after dreaming this whole thing up
and then actually following through on it
which, how amazing of them
our weekend schemers finally
get to hug each other up

She is just as cute and sweet in real life
as you imagine her to be
and after another round of hugs
we sped off towards downtown
talking faster than we were driving
so excited to be able to say now
we are friends in real life

We covered lots of ground that day
deep down stuff as well as
lightweight chit chat
it was a typical March morning in Seattle
rainy and gray

Leslie braved it in her ballet flats
Andi wore her leg warmers and Minta a cozy scarf
smart move on their part
and I even survived in my little black cardigan
that I only wore because none of my coats will button up anymore

The lady from CA. couldn't believe how many people were out in the rain
and we assured her that living here if you didn't go out in the rain
you'd never go out at all

Andi took us to a favorite little spot of hers for breakfast
A very French Bakery called Le Panier
all the pastries were so pretty
and we pointed to what we wanted
because we couldn't pronounce their names
and oh my it was delicious

We stopped in at the original Starbucks
looking for a place to park ourselves out of the rain
it was so crowded and we tried to get out of the way
but we and stood there taking up space and sipped
and smiled and gabbed for who knows how long
and kept asking each other,
can you believe this is really happening?

You girls would have loved the sweet little boutique Andi showed us
we kept remarking
wouldn't Fairlight love this chandelier?
Leslie confessed she had a thing for lamps
Doesn't this look like something in Jessica's house?
We have to get this for KT...etc.

Next we almost got Leslie and stroller full of Cade
stuck in a revolving door...
only to realize there was a door door smack dab next to it
with a man holding it open for us
oh so silly

We lost ourselves in Anthropologie for well over an hour
or was it two
eye candy galore
it was Minta's first time ever
every now and then she'd disappear behind a rack
we could see her wheels spinning
she'd say to us, that wouldn't be hard to make
or that, or that, or that
we each pretend picked out dresses for ourselves
sniffed all the candles
read our Birthday Fortunes
and our husbands and children's
from a little red book
poured over the pretty knobs and baubles
until we realized that we were really hungry

Our lunch splurge was P.F Changs
two of us had never been
oh and we all agreed their
crispy honey shrimp
is out of this world
and Minta's fortune read:
" Investigate new possibilities with friends
now is the time "
how fitting

more to come...


Lisa said...

I have been waiting for part 2 all morning - can't wait for the third....

sounds devine!

Aminta said...

I am all teary eyed trying to write this. And now my dear Faith thinks I have lost my mind.
Off to make Andi's bread recipe and super excited forthis day to continue!!!
Your telling abilities of our day is just to much for words. SO happy to have been there!
LOVES!!!! and a tummy rub to boot! LOVE YOU "MOST-ER"! ;)

Linda said...

Oh how fun, Chelle. I swear all you girls are such great writers, I felt like I was right there as I read this post.

Leslie said...

thank you for letting me relive this.

what a perfect day
I still can't believe we did it... and the pictures look so close to what I think of when I picture that day.. the market, the rain, all of it...

and darn it, if I can't find that postcard, would it have not been the most flirtatious thing ever...

ohh and the macaroons...
and the market
and buying goodies for one another, so we could tell hubbies that we got gifts, instead of spending money.. :)
too many good things to post them all! said...

oh i am so jealous of all of the fun and friendship you ladies shared! what a perfect weekend. :) and i am blushing that you thought of me at the antique store!!

Fairlightday said...

I can;t wait for the "next" time after reading this. I'm so ready to book a plane ticket!
Love you!

AndiMae said...

Um, hello- this post totally made me all teary! What an amazing weekend! You are describing all the little details so well- it is so fun to relive it all. Can I just tell you again how very thankful I am that you live close? I can't wait to see you again, dear friend! I love you!

Cat said...

Those of us who live in isolation ans seclusion in the wilds of Idaho LOVE to read about the weaving of friendship IN PERSON! Do tell more, thank you!

Carrie L said...

Hey Chelle! I am so excited for you all... what a blessing!!! =) Am looking forward to reading part 3... you wrote everything so amazing! I felt like I was there ;-) Love to you & your family, & hope you had an amazing, lovely finishing to a wonderful weekend!!!
Luv, Jo