Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Weekend { Part 3 }

We walked back through the market
and took in all the sights and sounds and smells
a serious feast for the senses
it was starting to get really cold
a true rendition of a typical Seattle day in March

Once back at our house

Andi right away started unpacking presents
a colorful vintage bracelet made of buttons for me

that I am entirely smitten with
and push pins covered in fabric I adore
both things she had purchased from Esty off my favorites list
sneaky girl
purple and pink beads and a sweet book called Little Mama for Annabelle
a darling little outfit with airplanes on it for Jack
and the best part was that they were delivered in person
it was most sweet and spoiling of you Andi
thank you dearly

I kept meaning to make us dinner
but it was too hard to tear myself away from
the conversation and brainstorming session
about how we could get all of us together in the next year
for a blogging retreat
I didn't sound impossible anymore
after all I was seeing these girls right before my very eyes
all your names were mentioned
ideas were flying
more about that later

I still needed to put on dinner
but the girls wanted me to really quickly
come sit down on the couch
that made me a little suspicious
especially after I was told to close my eyes
and was handed the most precious little scrapbook
from you dear ladies
which totally made me cry
and Leslie has the pictures to prove it
can I even tell you how sweet and covered in love
each little page is
and how blessed and loved I feel when I open it's sweet little scrappy cover
will share pictures soon
but in the meantime, thank you
Lisa, Sarah, KT, Wendi, Amanda, Aminta, Andi and Leslie
and I hear there are more pages coming
I bawled over each and every page when I sat down to read them
the afternoon I got home from airport
you ladies continue to bless me so deeply
thank you
it means more than I can say
eventually we sat around the table
eating leftover chicken alfredo

I was so bad at feeding these girls at mealtime
but it was hard to leave a conversation and head to the kitchen
not wanting to miss a word
we shared stories and ideas
over strawberries dipped in the most amazing
chocolate sauce and whipped cream
that Minta made off the top of her head
cause she's amazing like that
our hopes, our dreams, our struggles
our hearts
I think we might have all been a little bit surprised
at how strong our connection was

We talked on like that into the night until
someone noticed Leslie's hands

were strangely discolored
and she realized her her heart was feeling off

and oddly pressured
that led to some very worried looks
many calls to Nick who had already been in bed

asleep for a long time
googling everything we could think of
looking for any information that would lead us to know
if this was an emergency situation or not
we were so concerned and pleaded with her

to let us take her in
she wasn't so sure about that
knowing they would admit her
knowing they wouldn't know her history
and knowing she was having way to much fun

to have it all spoiled now
by a trip to the hospital
then David came home

and my brother in law was with him
who much to our relief is an EMT

he thought it best that she
just go to bed for the night

and as long as her symptoms didn't get worse,
to go see her doctor first thing when she got home

Please keep her in your prayers
as she is still dealing with these alarming symptoms
and continues to wait for answers
I don't have to tell you girls
you already know how brave she is

and we all know that in the big picture
she is in such good Hands


Aminta said...

Lovely, just lovely.
The only thing I can think of is that GOD IS IN CONTROL! Dearest Leslie is in His hands, and to be frank....those hands are the most capable. Poor thing, it was quite scary.
But that was an amazing, amazing time!!!! SIGH! I fell in love with so much that week-end. The baby bump that will be going away really soon, two beautiful and amazing women, darling Cade, downtown Seattle, rain, coffee (everytime I drink it I fall all over again) Pike Place (once again), getting lost..... lol
So much!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Chelle, I love the way you put all of this into words. Sounds just yummy lovely!!

And yes, definitely praying for sweet brave Leslie. :( So glad you guys were there for her.

Leslie said...

oh my, the hands, silly little things keep turning grey on me... ughh.. and how dare it spoil some of the fun.

Gosh sitting there eating strawberries, getting to know you girls, really know you. It was amazing amazing, and yes the pictures, I will share soon, I promise.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

This was such an amazing post. It was like I could see all you girls just having the best time! I'm still praying for Leslie!! Hoping things are on the mend and that there are no problems! Loveyou ladies, so glad you were so blessed, because really and truly you are very loved, dear friend :)

AndiMae said...

Doesn't it already feel like forever ago? I miss you guys all so much! I am seriously loving these posts about our visit- you have done such amazing job capturing how it all felt! I wish we could all be sitting around your table again talking- I don't think we could ever run out of things to talk about :) And it was so fun giving you all your gifts- especially the scrapbook from all the girls. I am so glad that Leslie captured your face on camera when you saw it b/c it was so sweet! Still so worried about Leslie, but I know that she is in God's hands. Just wish we all lived closer so that we could help her more. I love you so much, dear friend- hope we get to catch up tomorrow!