Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{ Attempt }

I'd like to think it's because my arms are too short.
More than likely it's just that this belly is getting too far out there.
Here's my best attempt at self-portraiture seeing I have this not so little bump going on.
Either way I guess partial tummy shots are better than none at all, right?
34 weeks and counting.

I think I will keep going on this post since Annabelle is gone with her Daddy to Costco to pick up another set of shelves for our overflowing garage and I am just sitting here snacking on a handful of dark chocolate covered pistachios from Trader Joes. A sweet treat from a sweet friend. Oh and consider yourself warned/buyer beware: the pistachios are super addictive.
So I had an appointment on Monday. During which our midwife Toni discovered that this little Jack boy of ours was in head up position. She was tipped off by the fact that we could feel his cute little hiccups way at the top of my tummy. It made sense actually. Explained why I had been so uncomfortable the last couple nights, trying to sleep with his head up in my ribcage...and I kept telling David, it felt like heartburn, when I knew it was actually him zipping around in there.
Toni suggested a couple things we could do to get him to turn. Prefaced by, " this is going to sound funny but you it works..." 1. try shining a flashlight directly at the bottom of your tummy...often it will get a baby to turn, as they head toward the light. 2. Or you could try playing music at the bottom of your tummy. She said to come back in a week and we'd check on him then, and if he was still up she'd send me home with a bunch of exercises to do. Later on that night, out of pure curiosity I did about a 10 minute flashlight treatment. I felt kind of...okay... really silly sitting on the couch talking to David holding a flashlight on my tummy. Then I suggested he try talking to him, thinking if anyone could, Daddy could coax him to do a little somersault in there. So David gave him a little pep talk. It was darling and heart melting. Afterwards we just snuggled for a while. Just enjoying each other and that exact precious moment in time. Until my stomach felt like a tidal wave had hit it and seriously started contorting...and ugghhh, I had to get up because all of a sudden I was feeling really uncomfortable.
I woke up the next morning, amazed that I'd slept so well, and so thankful for a restful nights sleep. Just like clockwork at about 8 am, Jack started in with his morning round of hiccups. And then it occurred to me that they were coming from the bottom, instead of the top of my tummy. Now isn't that curious?
Jack my boy, there is no way to prove it for sure but I think your daddy might be a baby whisper. Oh and feel free to stay put now dear one, right where you are, at least for a few more weeks. Mommy is getting so antsy to hold you. I think if I try really hard, I can wait a little longer for you. Just a little though.


Cottage Mommy said...

Awwww...what cute pictures. You look beautiful! So funny that he turned like that after his Daddy talked to him! I'm sure that big movement felt just delightful! I am so ready to not be pregnant although not quite ready to have a baby in my arms yet! Still a little bit to do! I just found out I have gestational diabetes and am going to see a dietician tomorrow. I know I only have about five more weeks to deal with it but...come chocolate and sweet whenever I like? What kind of a third trimester is that? Anyway, sounds like you are doing well with baby Jack...can't believe he is coming so soon!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

You are just amazingly gorgeous Chelle! I love the shots, it captures that precious tummy of yours and how sweet that Jack heard his daddy coaching him and decided to move around for you guys! I am so excited for you and Annabelle, I just know she is going to make such a sweet big sis! Baby Jack sure is a lucky little lad to be greeted by you and your sweet fam! Just a few more weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a dear little boy to obey his Daddy! And so quickly too! Hopefully that's what happened anyway..... Love the pics. It's not often that we get to see your dear face. Deb

AndiMae said...

01. I absolutely adore those pictures of you! You are so beautiful! Is that your new dress?

02. This post was so sweet- I love that Jack flipped when listening to his daddy! Elliot did the same thing toward the end of my pregnacy with him- remind me to tell you how I got him to flip- funny story :)

03. I miss you! I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever, even though it has only been a few days. Are you around tomorrow?

04. Love you so much dear friend! Can't believe that Jack is almost here!

Leslie said...

love this post, and LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!! :)

Aminta said...

ADORE the pictures! SO think that David is YOUR BABY WHISPERER! And..... really love the picture of Annabelle and Jack (aka the BELLY!)..... I truly am so excited to see his little face and hold him while he hold my finger in his tiny little buzer-hand.
I love you and am super glad to have chatted with you today.
Muah, muah muah!
P.S. Love you the MOST! ;)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

WOW! WHat a great story of an already obedient boy!! :)

And I loved the pictures so much. I have been hoping for some! :)

I'm getting so excited for you. :)

Lisa said...

you are beautiful!!!!

and who knew Mr Jack would be so smart and well behaved so early - he is a keeper, huh... said...

oh, so super sweet! i can't believe how easily coaxed he is...definitely well behaved. ;)

you're looking absolutely radiant! i love all of the views.

my arms keep getting shorter too!! weird pregnancy symptom they forget to mention in the books...

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

What a precious story to share with your little Jack someday!

Lisa said...

Love the picture of Miss Annabelle reaching up. ;) You look fantastic and I'm so proud of you and David as parents!

Aminta said...

Sigh! I am sooooo missing you.
Just coming by to say........
You are precious to me and us and so many others.

kt mac said...

oooh I forgot I had not yet commented on this amazingly sweet post. Just look at you and look at Jack! you look amazing - so beautiful!
I especially made morgan come and look at this post cause I am just so excited for this new little one in your life.
Not long now!
Tonnes of hugs and kisses 4 u! xx

kt mac said...

oh and loved how he actually turned around in there too .. wonder if he'll till listen to his dad like that when he's older ;)

macmama said...

I think you did a much better job than I did at the difficult belly shots, I particularly like the third one, it caught your belly real good, but even better your smile! And just so you know I think those baby boys tend to "flip", just to warn us that they are going to turn our worlds upside down! I've had two of my boys do that and they both are bundles of energy now, so be prepared! :) So happy for you & your little Jack, did you know that that was my boy name for Evie? But I am so glad we got her and you got him!

have a lovely said...

oh such cuteness you are...pure, raw, genuine cuteness!! i can't believe that the little man is soon making his big entrance! so many congrats and i can't wait to hear the big news!!

thank you so much for the warm welcome backs!!!

Little Candle said...

I love these pictures. You are beautiful!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the scrapbook for wee Jack. It was a lot of fun to do.
Hugs to you.

shabby girl said...

Oh my gosh! That brought tears to my eyes! The Daddy whisperer! That child is a smart one!
You really don't know me, (did I find you on a blog of note?) but I've been following your blog since Annabelle was a wee one. I was appreciative of
#1. how cute that little girl is, and how much she looks like her Daddy,
#2. How sincere, and loving your family is,
#3 How it reminds me of when my little ones were so young.
I wish all the best for your growing family! And I can't wait to see pictures of Lil Jack as well!