Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Today is:

waking up to birdsong
sunshine and flip flops
pulling weeds out in the front flower beds
eating all meals on the back porch
ponytails and short sleeves
strawberry limeade slushies

our knees are grass stained
and we have dirt underneath our finger nails
we are having this for dinner
both the front and back door are flung wide open
the smiles come easier and more often than usual today
a walk after dinner has been requested
to take in all the pretty blooming yards

and today we are happier than usual
and we aren't taking for granted
this pure sundrenched goodness


Connie said...

It was a glorious day here, too....and I had some garden visitors which made it even more special.

Cat said...

I, too, got out my flip-flops, rolled up the legs of my jeans and pretended summer. It was easy at your sweet mother's garden with my dear friend Rachel. The three of us laughing, admiring, reveling in the warmth of a sunny day. God is SO good to us! I'm glad for you, my dear, to have had some of the same.

Anonymous said...

We also enjoyed this wonderful sunny day working in Mormor's garden! I even got a little sunburn.
Hugs, Deb

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Sounds so lovely! Hopefully it spreads over to the Eastern part :) We had snow flurries yesterday and today! I miss Springtime cheerfulls :)

Carrie L said...

Hey Chelle! Sounds like a delightfully wonderful day!!! I love spring time! Such a refreshing time of year =) I have a few tulips and daffodils coming up in an old blue speckled canner. It sits by my front door! Can't wait 'til they bloom =) Will be nice to have some cheerful colors at my house!!! Hope you have MANY more enchanting spring moments and days! Especially to brighten this last month of waiting for your precious Little One!! I bet his big sister is getting terribly excited! =)
Have a l.o.v.e.l.y day dear Chelle! ~JoGirl~

Leslie said...

what could ever ever be better than all of that....

its raining here right now... and Im loving all of that..

go figure! :)

I bet Jack danced his way around the sunshine too!

BTW have I told you friend how much I love your spring tags, cause I do, they are beyond cute.

Guess what pictures are coming SOON.

Aminta said...
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Aminta said...

So lovely. Your pictures for the mind are just..... sigh-able. Does that make any sense? lol
You are good for the senses.
I miss you, and cannot stand the thought of not seeing you untill after that little Jack comes. I need my Chelle fix. Any thoughts of putting up with some extras for a night or so? I do not want to overwhelme you though.
I love you dearly. And can so see you flip-flops, tan arms, big belly, and dirty finger nails.
I adore you Chelle.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Oh it sounds too good to be true. :) We got 7 1/2 inches of snow on Monday. Wow am I ready for flip flops... :)

diashermosos said...

Aren't the first few days of summer the best. It's like it gives your soul a chance to thaw from winter. So glad you are enjoying your week:)

Aminta said...

Hey! So I was looking at Anna Maria Horners blog and saw on the second post down, some darling boots that look familiar! Go look. LOL
I love you so! And today is much better then yesterday, not perfect, but better!

Aminta said...


Lisa said...

No. No, don't take it for granted. File it away ~ save this little gem and pull it out often to remember. ;)