Tuesday, October 18, 2011

List No. 4 - My Favorite Things (one last giveaway + a list of winners)

  1. blue mason jars full of garden zinnias*
  2. Grannie Annie (  please pray for her if you think of it...she's had a rough last few months )
  3. Lucy's thighs
  4. red barns, red shoes, red chairs, red doors, red doors, red accents etc.
  5. Chocolate*
  6. This man with his literal red neck + work stained hands, who loved us, who is strong and good.
  7. Jack's quilt that Fairlight made him
  8. polka dots
  9. One Thousand Gifts *( it's changed my life )
  10. Mrs Meyers* ( it's a Spokane thing )
  11. my home team ( read the book ...giving it away on Friday)
  12. baking bread
  13. iced coconut lattes
  14. birds nests + robins eggs
  15. color
  16. Spotify  ( good music*)
  17. Annabelle's giggle
  18. Listening to sermons
  19. my sisters, who are technically sister in laws but only in title
  20. kisses from Jack
  21. October Afternoon*
  22. David's smile
  23. reproduction feedsack * fabrics from the 30's + 40's*
  24. P.F. Changs
  25. buntings*
  26. Trader Joes* ( our store is opening here this Friday, Oct. 28th, whoo-hoo!)
  27. old houses
  28. vintage anything*
  29. children's books*
  30. this ( it's my way of cheating on this list)
And as a last hurrah I am giving away a box wrapped in brown paper + tied up with string full of things off of my favorite things list. See asterisks for a clue.
To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment telling me about a  random act of kindness that you have either heard of, have done, plan to do, or have had done to you.  

Winner to be chosen and announced Friday, October 21st.
Good luck ladies.
And now for that list of winners...
Winners chosen using Random.org.

Giveaway No. 1:  A pretty pair of earrings from Crystal B. -Deborah said: Her style is beautiful!Very sweet.

Giveaway No. 2:  $20.00 Store Credit from K.Walter Vintage -Fairlightday said: Oh! What loveliness in her shop! I would probably pick one of the tables clothes (since I can't have enough!) or that darling cake saver!

Giveaway No. 3. $30.00 Store Credit to Out of the Blue - Miller Family said: I LOVE the CHRYSANTHEMUM BLOOM necklace!! And also the Baguette Clutch :)

Giveaway No. 4. Fall Leaves Tee from Nostalgic Graphic Tees -Nancy said: This is such a sweet gift! I love the ballerina and the girl with the leaves. I liked and favorited.

Giveaway No. 5. Art print of your choice from Gus + Lula - Katie said: Love her! And I love #3 on your list...reminds me of "a clean house is the sign of a wasted life". :) and I forget whose it is right now. Happy happy day Chelle!

Giveaway No. 6. Black + White Family Rules Art Print -Andi Mae said:  Love love love this! So much! And I love that it is something that I know Erik would like too! :) Favorited the shop + how could I not? Everything in it is so lovely!

Giveaway No.7. Lovely Vintage Moleskin Quote Journal - Becca said: Yes everything Courtney makes is amazing. I also love collecting quotes. Her house should be in a magazine! Oh and of course her shop is already a fave!

 Okay, now that's what I call fun! Thank you for playing along ladies. If you won one of the giveaway's please email your mailing address to seachellegirl@msn.com and I will make sure it gets into the hands of the right person. And thank you Etsy friends for sponsoring these six wonderful giveaways. What fun! And if you haven't won anything yet, keep trying, there are two more giveaways ending on Friday. :)


    Jenny said...

    I was sad one day and when I went to the post office to get my mail, there was a happy little package sitting there waiting for me. ;)

    SuzyQ said...

    I recently had a vehicle break down. While sitting on the side of the road, two separate cars stopped to ask if they could help me. I had a lot of my faith in the goodness of strangers restored!

    ~Sue said...

    Fog delayed a flight three times, yet allowed the purchase and mailing of four cards to dear friends and the opportunity to compliment airline employees on their calm and professional work :)

    Cottage Mommy said...

    One year at Thanksgiving I anonymously left a candle and gift card on two of my neighbors doorsteps.

    Katie said...

    Not too long ago, a special girl (and family) took in a family (strangers) ,planned/did fundraiser after fundraiser for said family and became friends with family. :-) pretty amazing...

    Vonnie said...

    I have sent cards to residents of a local nursing home. Asking the staff to please give them to someone who is lonely or not able to have family visit.

    Miller Family! said...

    I came home to flowers and a piping hot coffee on my porch one day that I was feeling blue. I still have no idea who did it :)

    Connie said...

    So.....looks like we got you hooked on Seasalt and Almonds in Dark Chocolate?

    Chantel Monet said...

    One year a group a girlfriends and I made a full turkey dinner and brought it to our local firefighters who were working at the station over Thanksgiving. I think a few of the girls may have had some ulterior motives ie: finding a hunky boyfriend, but they were so grateful! Something I would love to do again someday.

    Chantel Monet said...

    Oh and how can I forget after a sweet someone had literally just given birth and somehow managed to drop groceries off on my doorstep when money was tight for us. Although I'm not 100% sure who did it, as she never did confess ;)

    Andrea said...

    I like to surprise my mom or friends with supper or some home-made baking on days they are working or busy :)

    And one beautiful random act of kindness I was blessed to recieve was a beautiful quilt (see "Wrapped in Generosity" @ www.woodland-heart.blogspot.com).

    Love your favorite things list!

    Amanda said...

    What a fun birthday celebration! Welcome to your 30's! Recently I was at a bookstore and I was paying with a gift card. It had 6 or 7 dollars left on it when I was done with my purchase, but I gave it to the person behind me in line to use on her books. Just a little treat!

    Dawna said...

    One day, a friend popped by my house unannounced, walked into my kitchen and turned on the oven, sat down and visited with me until the oven preheated, popped in a loaf of bread dough, set the timer, gave me a hug, and left. Sweetest unexpected gesture ever. Warmed my family's hearts and filled their bellies. There's nothing quite like homemade bread fresh from the oven to let you know you are loved!

    Lisa said...

    Mitchell took a 3 hour nap today, which means I got one too! Does that count??? Trust me, it was totally random and very very kind!!!! You know I can never pass up on your banners! :)
    xoxo - Lisa

    Amanda said...

    What a lovely list -- how similar my favorite things are to yours :)

    I do plan on meeting up with and crafting up some cards with some of my church friends and send them off to our mission orphanage in Africa.

    Fairlightday said...

    Awww! Thank you! So exciting!
    And isn't that chocolate the best??? I love the one with chunks of ginger in it!

    I love surprising my husband and his co-workers with a homemade treat randomly. One time it may be raspberry cheesecake, another time it may be cinnamon rolls, or brownies with mint cream cheese frosting, or homemade strawberry ice cream, but it's always met with great enthusiasm. On the occasional day when I show up with just a starbuck's for Mike they all have to stop by and ask where theirs is.

    Misha Leigh. said...

    I recently had to have surgery and a friend who works in pre- and post- op took on an extra shift so she could be with me when I went into surgery and when I came out - without telling me until I arrived (very nervous) for my surgery. It made me cry. Especially because she has a one-year old at home and I knew how tired this would make her. It made all the difference for me.

    I love your blog birthday celebration! Happy birthday again sweet generous friend.

    Anonymous said...

    When I was in high school my best friend and I bought some bunches of flowers one day and we walked/drove around handing them out to people we knew at the grocery store, the bank, library,etc and to random people that we ran into. It was such a fun day and it felt amazing to put smiles on so many peoples faces. Remembering this makes me realize that I should do this with my 7 and 3 year old's, to show them another way of giving and how it can brighten someone's day.

    Jerico said...

    Many years ago a sweet friend of mine gave me a little devotional book called Joy and Strength for a random gift. That book became a dear 'friend' during my teen years, and has continued to truly be a 'joy and strength' =) Thank you to her for that small but wonderful gift... it has been such a blessing!!! ;)

    I hope I can do the same for a "little sister" someday! <3

    Nikki said...

    My sister-in-law lives in a not-so-great part of town and recently was walking home by herself after dark. A prostitute who saw her was so worried for her safety that she walked her home and, crying, made her promise not to walk alone after dark in that part of town. When they reached my SIL's apartment, she invited her in, fed her, let her wash up, and gave her a Bible. Isn't that an amazing story?!

    Deborah said...

    I was in the line at the Ellensburg Starbucks this summer, in the middle of a very long trip from the ocean back to G'ville, and the lady in front of me paid for my coffee!The sweetest thing ever!

    Deborah said...

    I was in the line at the Ellensburg Starbucks this summer, in the middle of a very long trip from the ocean back to G'ville, and the lady in front of me paid for my coffee!The sweetest thing ever!