Friday, July 25, 2008

{ Because you asked to see more }

{ Cover of the book and yes this is an actual picture of Grannie Annie. Isn't she cute? }

3. I love that you are not afraid to just be yourself. -Deb

6. I love that you baby's baby's baby is also my baby. -Chelle
8. I love Grannie Annie because I like her. -Patrick age, 5

10. I love that you wear a turtle toe ring for your grandaughters. -Deb

23. I love you because you have dirt at your house. Nelson age 4

25. I love how you see the beauty in life, in it's experiences and situations and people. - Rachel

27. I love your funny bone. - Chelle

29. I love you because you are a really good kisser. -Annabelle Lucy

31. I love that you are a cool old lady. -David B.

32. I love you because you are pretty much the cutest thing ever. -Tommy

65. I love you because you are my precious friend. -Rachel

66. I love how cute you look in curlers. -Deb

69. I love our Sunday afternoon visits with you. -David

80. I love that I inherited my appreciation for black licorice and cheese from you. -Tommy

85. I love you because you give me little chocolate dog bones for a treat when I go potty on

your toiliet. - Annabelle

89. I love that you are a darn good shot. -Mark

95. I love your appreciation for the color red and how you passed that one to the rest of us.


101. I love the philosophy you share with Shakespeare, " with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come." -Hildi

103. I love you for the example of unconditional love you are in our family. -David

108. I love you for always sharing your moldy cheese with me. -David

114. I love what a great sport you were when we played cowboys and indians and threw dirt clods at you. - Mark

And we think Brian summed it up perfectly when asked what his reasons
are for loving you and ended at 127 with :

" What's not to love? "


mudpies4all said...

Fun!!! Love the picture!!!

SuzyQ said...

#s 32 and 66... awesome!!

i want to BE grannie annie when i get old...

Leslie said...

I second what suzyq said... seriously. I have chills, this is a spectacular gift... seriously. What a woman to admire to be...

this is awesome... Chelle, what a wonderfully thoughtfull gift... she will cherish it no doubt.

btw.. doing fine, same as yesterday, about to enjoy a girls night of cropping... so thats always fun. wish you could join us.

Lisa said...

love, love, love, LOVE this picture. No wonder annabelle is full of so much spunk!

Donna said...

Oh, Chelle, I just love that picture of grannie Annie.

She is such a special lady. She will love the gift made with such love for her.

Hope you have a great day!

Amy said...

Totally made me cry. OK, I'm pregnant, everything makes me cry. :) But that has got to be the sweetest thing EVER!

That's the grandma I want to be! Turtle toerings...cute!

Fairlightday said...

I'm so happy for you that you finally got it done. Now maybe you can start going to bed before 2am. :) It is such a lovely tribute to an amazing lady. You should leave it on blurb in the "to buy" section so other family members can buy copies (and I could browse it's pages. :)) You are a dear granddaughter and friend Chelle.

Little Candle said...

Wonderful! What a great thing to do!

Sarah :)

Lisa said...

so, so, so sweet!It's not often we tell people the reasons we love them - She will cherish it, for sure!!!

Wendi said...

What a beautiful and amazing gift!! You have a special Grannie in your life!! She sounds like the picturesque Grannie every one longs for. :)
Thanks for sharing the book!

have a lovely said...

love love love love love this! what a wonderful tribute and tangible gift of love for a priceless lady!!! What a fabulous picture too!!!

MoziEsmé said...

That is SO sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love that she's MY Grannie!!!!!!! Deb