Thursday, October 13, 2011

{ Thirty Things }

  1. In three days I will be thirty. 
  2. It also happens to be Lucy's half birthday...6 months ago, our family was forever blessed with her and her perpetual sweetness. There is absolutely no way she could be any more dear..
  3. And to celebrate turning thirty I am throwing a big party here. 
  4. Also, I am challenging my self to write thirty different lists of thirty things over the course of the next year. 
  5. I am surprised about how excited I am to turn thirty.
  6. Although thirty never sounded so young. 
  7. I keep hearing from people that your thirties are really the best years of your life.
  8. Going into my thirties I feel like maybe some of my insecurities have faded a little bit . 
  9. That I've done a lot of growing up over the last decade. 
  10. That I don't feel quite so much like I am " faking " being an adult, as much as I used to. 
  11. I feel more comfortable in my skin. Laugh lines, gray hairs, baby weight and all. 
  12. I am more accepting than ever of who Jesus made me. 
  13. I am looking forward to putting down roots, and going deeper in my thirties. 
  14. To watching my children grow + change and to dedicate myself to the nurturing their minds + hearts.
  15. To working on being better organized.
  16. To laughing a lot. 
  17. To remember how important it is to have a healthy balance as a parent, wife and friend. 
  18. To celebrate life. Especially the magic found in an ordinary day.
  19. To  continue to let Jesus love on me and encourage + enable me to live in His freedom.
  20. Instead of fear. 
  21. To hold my family and others to a standard of grace, and not perfection, including myself.
  22. To flirt with my husband like I did in my twenties.
  23. To being silly with my kids.
  24. To learn how to dance.
  25. To the pursuit of joy.
  26. To giving thanks in all things.
  27. I am about to change the subject just a little.
  28. The only thing makes me happier than getting presents, is giving them I am a firm believer that it is in fact more blessed to give than to receive.
  29. So bless me by coming back on Friday the 14th to enter a lot of really lovely giveaways.
  30. Happy Birthday to me!


    Catherine said...

    You GO!, girl; those lists are a wonderful documentation of your sweet life. And...Happy B'day, Chelle!

    Prairie Rose said...

    Yes, your words, but also the lovely-nearly-thirty-woman who wrote them.
    God will bless you wonderfully in your thirties!
    Happy,Happy Birthday, Dear One!
    (Give that Gorgeous 6 month old a giant smooch for me too;)

    Leslie said...

    Love this.
    Love you blogging.
    Love these pictures.

    Happy Almost.. Your very almost... Birthday. Sweet Chelley!!

    Woman of Many Thoughts said...

    Happy 30th! Mine was yesterday and I can't even say the word. LOL

    Katie said...

    Love these all. But especially #10...since I can totally relate...i am a faker. :) well actually I prob dont even try. ;)

    Cottage Mommy said...

    Yay! Yay! Yay! Love that you are back to blogging and that even though I get to do real life with you I can see your beautiful life through your photos and words again! They are inspirational and truly cheerful! love you!

    Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

    Oh, it is all true! I turned 30 in February and it has been nearly the best year of my life! And I think so much of what you said is WHY our 30's are so good: We are finally more comfortable in WHO God has uniquely created us to be. We tend to not compare as much, or worry quite as much. We grow into the plan God is laying out for us - and it is sweet!!

    I trust that you will have an incredibly happy day!

    shabby girl said...

    What a lovely post.
    I'm sure your thirties will be so full of life and love because that's what you look for and choose to see.
    Happy Birthday!

    Megan said...

    Although I LOVE that I have your blog to read and I feel so utterly blessed to have ever met you and your beautiful family - I miss you. Chelle you are an absolutely beautiful, amazing woman, mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend.

    I strive every day to be more like you.

    ... and I dont think I ever told you, but that night we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking about Jesus and life has been one of the most inspiring conversations I have ever had.

    Happy Birthday Chelle! You are AMAZING!

    Fairlightday said...

    You are definitely an inspiration to all those you come in contact with. I look forward to seeing all the great things God has in store for your 30's.
    And you make me not-quite-so-worried about my own turning 30 in just a few short years. :)

    Andrea said...

    Happy to see you embracing the 30's in such a cheerful way! They really are great! :)

    krista said...

    beautiful words.
    "To hold my family and others to a standard of grace, and not perfection, including myself."
    amen to that!