Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{ 10 on 10 }

7:10 am -Jack In the Bath
 8:10 am -Auntie Roo pops in for a hug
 9:10 am -On our way to our Doctors appointment for Jack
10:00 ish -Annabelle doing school
11:00 ish -  The pretty bouquet of flowers that I picked up at Green Bluff
Noonish -  Lucy snacking on a Rice Rusk
1:00-2:00 ish :  Annabelle getting ready for ballet.

3:00 ish: Working on autumn buntings for my Etsy shop + upcoming birthday giveaway.
4:00 ish: Homemade bread, just out of the oven
9:00ish: Heart to heart time with this darling friend. Including coconut frozen yogurt + coffee.

My very first 10 on 10. Really love this way to document once a month, our every day life. 


Leslie said...

Love love love love this post. This ordinary life. Love seeing your busy crazy beautiful day.. your heart to heart.... your happy life layed out for us to share.
the bathtub pic.. oh how I love it.

Amanda said...

I love your bathroom floor! Looks like a good day... jealous of course that you got to have coffee with Miss Beautiful Ordinary Day! :)

Katie said...

Swoon over all these pics...especially that bathroom. Lovely lovely little ballerina...and how is lucy so big already?!

Prairie Rose said...

LOVE this!
Such beautiful images and I loved coming along with you in your day!

Cottage Mommy said...

So fun to see's all captured so beautifully! Love you you inspiring friend you!

kt mac said...

you should post a ten snapshot serious every day :)


and I owe you an email.. birthday lady (which is in 1/2 an hour over this side of the world!)

love u x