Monday, June 18, 2012

smiles all around

  There are a lot of sweet things to catch you up on over here at the dear little home sweet blog. Big things like, Lucy turning 1 and Jack turning 3 and baby # 4on the way in September, and Annabelle's first ballet recital and last day of kindergarten on Tuesday. A lot to smile about and be oh so thankful to Jesus for...Life is a big beautiful blur right now and I am trying to keep up, take it all in and cherish these crazy days of being a happy, growing, on the go little family. Even Especially the days, to borrow a phrase from the book I am reading right now where my house looks " like the bottom of a toaster," and the kids are sticky and grumpy and I feel like everything is so out of control. Praying daily that I'll look for ways to graciously navigate through normal, messy every day sort of days like that, to master them like an art and squeeze as much fun + sweet happy memories in that I can for my little ones. Now for some pictures to fill in the gaps of the last several months.

 Excited for all that September 2012  holds for our growing family, 
a picture I meant to post back at Easter time.

Our sweet + darling one year old Lucy Wren.

Happy 3, to our sweet Jack boy.

Mommy with her girls.

Daddy with his.

 And our sweet Jack boy.

So proud of our pretty little ballerina.

Flowers + kisses from Daddy after Annabelle's very first ballet recital.

Our ever so precious toddler.

This sweet daily reminder that we are about to become a family of 6!


Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures Chelle! Good to hear that all is busy yet happy in your neck of the woods :) My, aren't those littles not so little anymore... and congrats on #4, cute birth announcement!

Fairlightday said...

Glad you are all doing so well. Sweet pictures. Jack looks exactly the same as always, just taller! :) Annabelle is beautiful as always and Lucy is the cutest toddler ever! Very happy for you guys and bebe #4 on it's way. <3

Leslie said...

Seriously cutest announcement ever. That picture is ridiculously cute. I love it.
Oh I love you posting and wow does Jack look like David these days, more than ever before. Oh I love seeing pictures, and crumbs in a toaster.. friend, wish I could come sweep them up for you. I would today. I miss you so much. Been wanting to read that for awhile, is it worth the read.

Lisa said...

Good things all around! Blessings in these upcoming months (I can't believe how big your kids are getting!).

Melody Craw said...

It's so much fun to read one of your blogs again! Your family is SO precious! And you look gorgeous, my dear. I can't imagine how busy you must be. ...Wish we would have been able to connect with you in Kamiah. If you go up in the summer again, let us know and we'll plan our trip for then. I would love to see you!!

Cottage Mommy said...

Beautiful photos of the kids! Nice to see you in this spot again!

Jennifer Fawbush said...

So sweet: your family. I'm trying to treasure my bottom of the toaster house, too, instead of waiting for things to slow down. It's a vapor!

Prairie Rose said...

So happy to see you in the blogging world again.
But, I can see what has been keeping you away!
Sweet birthday celebrations, recitals, exciting news(Yah! another gorgeous baby on the way!!) , and just day to day living with your precious family!!
Missed you!
Love the darling photos!
Hope your summer is lovely:) HOME and AWAY............. said...

I love love love your photos and the egg announcement is so precious! It's nice to know there is another family soon to have four little ones in the house! Your posts inspire me to love my family and rest in the grace of God.

Megan said...

I dont know if Nate told you, but Congrats on new baby! I'm happy for you and still so envious of who you are.

You still remain the woman I strive to become so thank you!

Love and Miss you.