Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{ A letter to my Grandpa }

{ Grandpa Roland + Lucy, Summer 2011 }

Grandpa Dear,
  I am so sorry and sad to have missed out on your 90th birthday and getting to celebrate and hug you, in person. What a special, special time it sounds like you all had together. Such a blessing! You are one loved and admired man. If there is any way David and the littles and I can, we’d love to come visit you this fall or winter. 

  I know your biopsy was today and I want you to know that we were praying for you throughout the day and will continue to in the days to come. For peace and for relief, as you fight this thing like I know you will.

 We are doing well with our quickly growing little family of almost 6. Annabelle is about to start first grade and has lost two teeth over the summer and is such a beautiful little soul and really good big sister. Jack is a character! He turned 3 in may and wants to be “ a soldier who grows peas when he grows up. “ He keeps us in stitches and is 100%all-boy. Lucy is our little sunshine girl. She started walking a couple months ago and doesn’t say much at 15 months, but boy does she know how to smile and cuddle and give love. Our third little girl will be here somewhere around September 21st. And we are all quite tickled about meeting her.

  David bought another house at the auction last month. The plan is to remodel it and flip it as soon as possible but he is working long hours paving right now as it is there busy season. And by long I mean really long. Today was a 16 ½ hour work day for him and he has to get up at 5am and start all over again tomorrow. I am so thankful for him and the amazing husband/daddy/provider he is. So many things about him remind me of you. And I mean that as a compliment of course.
  I love you Grandpa Roland. So much! Thank you for building such an wonderful legacy and for being a man of God. And for only growing dearer and wiser with the years. Thank you for loving my sweet Grandma so much and for raising your dear + beautiful daughter to be my dearest ever Mama.

xo, Michelle ( for all of us )

{ I can't hear this beautiful song without thinking of you, Grandpa }


Andrea said...

Beautiful letter Chelle! Happiest of wishes to your grandpa :)

Prairie Rose said...

Hope that you all will be able to spend some time with him in person real soon:)
Prayers today for his biopsy!

Megan said...

I love your grandpa Roland. You write so beautifully. I love it. And your new baby girl will have a close birthday to his Uncle Nate. I'm sure Nate is excited! (Well I know he is...)
I wish to see your kiddos as I couldn't begin to imagine what beautiful children they are at such grown ages since the last time I've seen them.
Love you Chelle. You're beautiful in a million ways.