Thursday, January 05, 2012

{ you too can be a millionare }

"  Many people in ordinary circumstances are millionaires of cheerfulness. They make their neighborhood brighter, happier and a better place to live in by their presence; they raise the value of every lot for blocks around them.
The world is beginning to see that people who can radiate sunshine and carry gladness and good cheer wherever they go, although they may be poor, are of infinitely greater value to society than the millionaire of money who pauperizes everything he touches, and everybody who comes in contact with him ,by his close, contemptible methods.
Largeness of the heart and generosity of the soul make millionaires of character who are worth more to the world than mere moneyed millionaires.
The time will come in the progress of the world when we shall not have to depend on rich furnishings, costly tapestries, and gold plates. Character will become so enriched in the upward growth of the world that the surroundings, however costly, will be considered but a cheap setting of a precious life-stone. Cheerfulness is a potent factor of success."



Andrea said...

and YOU my dear, are one of those millionaires!! Inspiring words, totally uplifted my heart today - Thank You :)

Cottage Mommy said...

I agree with what Andrea said! And what a lovely tribute to Grannie Annie to have her delightful artwork as your blog it, love you!

Leslie said...

love love love....