Monday, November 01, 2010

Saying Goodbye to October...

 One of our very sweetest + busiest months of the year so far.
Now for some pictorial proof:

( our first school outing, apple-picking with dear friends

 October just wouldn't be October without:

autumn treasure hunts

finding heart-shaped leaves

wagon rides

cute pumpkin faces from Grannie Annie...

and being spoiled x 29 for my birthday, some really, really special visits from precious friends family of ours, lots of hot soup + homemade bread, finally getting to hear that little baby heartbeat, stacks + piles of books about apples and Abraham Lincoln and acorns and butterflies,birds and babies and fun preschool projects, a really lovely group of bible study ladies, the trio of pumpkins and  vase full of amber/orange leaves on my dining room table, Annabelle reading a book to David with 22 words in it, a fun + yummy early Thanksgiving dinner with good friends , the birth of this dear to my heart baby boy, the kids "sledding" down our stairs, havarti cheese ( oh dear me ) my daily pregnancy craving and the culprit, I fear of more than a couple extra pounds, a entire hour of quiet to spend with Jesus on Thursday afternoons, Jack's funny faces and " WoW's!" ( usually in reference to a big truck ),  the splendid sun spilling over the leaves + trees outside, glowing like the colors from a stained glass window...all the Annabelle + Jack adventures we've had this month, great and small, makes me think of this sweet song ,and the great anticpation of the joy+ love that's yet to be...


Carrie Loofbourrow said...

I love October/autumn time too!!! Sounds like yours was lovely although busy! The pictures are so sweet and looks like you and the littles had loads of fun! =)

Not sure how to say this without it sounding funny, so I'll just try =)
...enjoy the moments that you get to hear your baby's heartbeat! (I know you will!) I loved, absolutely loved those times; just something sooo special about it!!!
Love you Chelle!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

You had me at "baby's heartbeat" but all the rest made me SO happy, too!!! :)

kt mac said...

I really miss you. and I really love these photos!

I can't believe how busy we all have been since March! loved seeing a little snippet of here and there though!

Cottage Mommy said...

These are really beautiful photos Chelle! Even though I have heard about a lot of what you have been doing I love seeing it written out here with the fun! Your writing is lovely as always!

Leslie said...

sweet October.
sweet heartbeat.

and yeah for that new baby.. I didnt realize he had arrived!!! :)

and 22 words... holey moley.. just for Anabelle!! :)

love you all.


Catherine said...

The pictures are wonderfully magic with small children's innocence and joy. YOU are doing well in this pregnancy! And autumn is my favorite because it is so intensely colorful...especially in your neck of the woods!

Sara said...

A new baby? CONGRATS! That is fantastic! I can't believe how big Annabelle and Jack have gotten. We miss you guys! Sara, Woody, & Sydnee

Nikki said...

Love all the happiness wrapped up in these words and pictures! xo

Fairlightday said...

Sweet sweet pictures. Very happy to hear all of your sweet goings-ons and that heartbeat. Love all this.

shabby girl said...

Oh my gosh! I missed the pregnancy blog! I know you don't really know me, but I am so very happy for you! Boy, a third child will create a VERY busy schedule for your little family, but from the sounds of it, this new little life will be a wonderful addition to your loving family!
I look forward to watching your family grow!