Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankfuls ( last weeks )

( find this free Thanksgiving printable here )

  I have neglected to post an entire weeks work of daily thankfuls, haven't I?  Not because there is a lack of things to be thankful for by any means, but it's been extra busy around here this past week. David is home from work now, as paving season is over for the year. We are all as tickled as can be about that, and love these special days with him and plan to make the most of them while we have with him here at home with us, during the lull between paving and winter work. 
So in looking back on this happy little week just gone by, I am grateful for:

  How Jack soaks up time with his Daddy's and watches David's every move around the house as he puts finishing touches and touch ups on things around here. All day long Jack carries around his " tool-tools" hitting stuff, and I am thankful for our dear little man in the making, even if it means two cracked + broken windows, two days in a row.   We are seriously wondering if he has a arm of steel, as we've puzzled over how a little person can break windows with three swings of his plastic toy hammer?

  So very thankful to our sweet Jesus for the miracle of little baby Ella, born earlier this week. For the outpouring of prayers and love for her and her dear Mommy, Daddy and two big brothers. And for the sweet hours spent together with really special + gifted friends this week, praying our hearts out and sewing up a little a baby quilt for precious Ella.

This E.Elliot quote: " Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God’s story never ends with ‘ashes." ( taken from These Strange Ashes )
Getting so close to checking off, " hang pictures on the walls " from the to-do list.

Asking Annabelle what her favorite thing of the day was: " the little pink christmas tree with lights that we saw at the store mommy! "

Jack and Annabelle's melt my heart baby crush on this scrumptious little baby boy that we are all so in love with.

Havarti cheese ( my #1 pregnancy craving ) in my fridge to snack on, a gift from previously mentioned " scrumptious baby boy's"  nice + pretty Mommy .

Tea partys and matching hoodies and darling little friends.

Sunday morning fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls before church.

Steaming cups of Trader Joes Vanilla + Cinnamon Black Tea with honey + cream.

Annabelle's adorable new nick name for Jack: Dinky.

This pretty little spot that's: " a shared collection of ideas + links + inspiration for creative, crafty, party throwing, homemade gift loving, and sometimes homeschooling mama/artists... "

Big pots of Potato and Ham + Ham and Bean Soup. Obviously I am on a ham + soup ( with homeade bread ) kick.

3 comments: said...

so happy to hear david can be around more!! we are equally excited to have jeff working full-time from home around here. :)

thanks for the link! i need to print this!

we still haven't hung a single picture on the wall here either. it's becoming embarrassing.

i can't believe that quilt. i can't believe you girls cranked it out so fast. it's the prettiest thing.

have a really wonderful day.

Leslie said...

oh that quilt. incredible.

AHHHH BROKEN WINDOWS.. for realsies.. what a boy boy....

and I too just printed that little printable and a couple others! :)

yeah for pics... can't wait to see..

and love the hoodie pic... actually made my heart ache a little Jack looks oh so big, which reminds me of how big Cader boy looks too, as he wore that moments ago.. Thank you for this sweet pic friend.

loved chatting... I was thankful for that today....

much love to you all.

Jenny said...

These Strange Ashes is one of my favorite books!