Tuesday, November 09, 2010

{ Thankful : Days 5 + 6 }

Friday, Nov. 5th :

  Making cookies with Anniebelle's to raise money to for our Operation Christmas Child project...

  A impromptu date-night of fajitas + flirting...

  Anniebelle's fun sleep-over with Auntie Roo...

  How David always says to Jack..." oh, he was a good little monkey...but always very curious..."

Saturday, Nov. 6th:

  The golden kaleidoscope of leaves out our windows, spinning downward in a morning sunburst

  A entire two hours spent in the craft room. While Jack napped and Annabelle happily cut and pasted a clown and I  worked on BLESSED banners.

   David stashing a little bag of chocolate covered gummy bears in our cart and  kissing me right in the middle of Winco.

  Watching this " Random Act of Culture " with tears streaming down my face and some serious goose-bumps. And the email I got back from Grannie Annie after she'd watched it too..." That was SO beautiful! Oh my, I hope that catches on! Oh, I hope they do this here! I think that is a lovely, lovely thing to do and I hope it catches on! It was delightful, hallelujah! Pass it on! It really was delightful! IT's worth your effort!"
  Jacks new love: tilapia. He's on a 30 day elimination diet right now. A really strict one and he can only have turkey and white fish for meat. On top of his already, no gluten, dairy, eggs sugar, soy, nuts, most fruits and some veggies, our try-to -figure-out-what-this-kid-isn't-allergic-to diet.


Misha Leigh. said...

Oh Jack. {I loved all of this but all I could think was oh sweet, sweet Jack.} Praying for answers.

Fairlightday said...

Good good stuff deary. And glad that Jack-Jack loves talapia. I do too. :) Hoping that you guys finally have some answers soon. Maybe by the end of Nov. and what a big fat "thankful" that will be!!??!