Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{ 30 Days of Gratefulness: # 16 }

Today I am thankful for:

Our beloved Mama B. (David's Mom) who's birthday is today. I doubt there has ever been a dearer soul on this earth. ( Except for maybe her mother) I cannot even begin to tell you the blessing she is in our lives or how much we adore + admire her. She's makes Nov. 16th a beautiful, beautiful day!

Making headway on cleaning the house.

Sweet phone calls.

That I was able to get Annabelle out of the dining room closet quickly, after realizing and bursting into tears that she had locked her self in.

Dryers Limited Edition Peppermint Ice Cream. It's seriously, dangerously good. Thanks a lot Andi. ( it's her favorite and I hold her completely responsible for my addiction to it :)

This really, really good sermon on Fear + Anxiety and Jesus. I did not know until today that Jesus said, " fear not..." more than he said anything else.

Annabelle's precious bedtime prayers to: " Dear Jesus, please fix little baby Ella's body so she can live."

The man of my dreams, who just called down the stairs to me, "Chelle, bedtime."


Leslie said...

yes bedtime.

sweet sweet happy things.
and lady you stayed calm, during closet incident....

and what is this ice cream you speak of.

Fairlightday said...

Sweet thankfuls. I'm still really thankful for you and I would love one of those sweet phone calls. ;)

And yes, the polkie-dottie(as she calls them) wrappers and straws are for her birthday. :)
And we're headed to TN for Thanksgiving. We could bear the thought of driving all the way to OK again this year. Last time was just too hard physically.

Prairie Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Mama B.!
I do like the Dreyers Peppermint,However we found that Coldstone Creamery's and Schwans flavors were even MORE
But, all just SOOO yummy!
Poor Annabelle:(
Glad she was found quickly!
Have a great day!

Amy Sullivan said...

Bounced over from Little Birds. LOVE the picture of your family. I want to steal that idea of a chair in a field. So, so sweet. Beautiful words. Nice "meeting" you.