Sunday, June 20, 2010

{ I love you, Dad }

" Her father never let a day pass without reminding them that all goodneess came from the Lord, all love, all beauty. And failure and fault instructed us in the will of God in the very fact of departing from it. Then there were grace and forgiveness to compensate, to put things right, and these werer the reatest goodness of God, after creation itself, aso far was we mortals can know. Her father's rapt delight in this belief put it beyond question, it it was so instrinisic to his nature, and they loved and enjoyed his nature, and laughed about it a little too. " 

Quoted from, Home by Marilynne Robinson

Happy Fathers Day!


Catherine said...

Blessings to you and YOUR dad!

Andrea said...

beautiful quote - love it!

kt mac said...

That is a beautiful picture Chelle!!
Happy dad's day to your dad!