Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{ there he goes }

Jack-Jack , you are adorable.

To watch in the last few weeks as you have taken off on your own two little feet, first to toddle across the room , and then around the whole house, has been such a joy. For a while there you had two black eyes and it looked like you had been in a war with the floor, because, well you had.  But your balance improves a little more every day and our faces light up in pride as we see yours light up and when you squeal it's as if you are saying, " hey guys, look what I can do." It's really sweet. We cheer and clap and you go for it!

We are loving these days with you. You are at such a fun + charming age. With that melty sweet as syrup grin of yours that you are always so quick to use...You'll do anything to get a laugh out of us, including banging your head against the wall, and more than once. You love to be tickled and held and wrestled and thrown up in the air...I love how you wrap your arms around me and hold on for dear life after I get you up out of your crib...and then come the three little pat-pat-pats on Mommy's back. Every time.
You are quite fond of saying uh-oh. My guess is that you say it close to a hundred times a day. And you always say it through your nose. Another favorite word is crack (long pause) er. You ask for a crack-er anytime you want food.  And it's so fitting too, because we call you Cracker-Jack.
I love all your boyish quirks. I love that you are my little all American boy.  I love that you are known for always being dirty and smudged in your overalls and bare feet. And stinky. And for always have a new gash or scratch of some sort...And I lets not forget your reputation for having a hefty appetite. Especially if the meal includes meat of any sort. Seriously some nights you eat for an hour straight.
And here's and intersteing fact about you, at 13 months you have already been on three big plane rides ( HI, CA. and (next week) AK.) That's farther than Mommy had gone in the first 25+ years of her life.

Thank you little son, for all the ways you light up our days. As the saying goes..." Some people are so much sunshine ( and silliness) to the square inch." You most certainly fall into that category, my sweet boy. We thank Jesus every day for adding you to our family and we dearly love to watch you change and grow.

Ever Your,
Mommy, who loves you


Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

So sweet!! :) Those all American boys can sure capture a mama's heart!!! :) I would love to meet him some day. Maybe I would even get a Jack Jack hug with three pats... :) Loved that part.

Cottage Mommy said...

You are one sweet Mama with one super sweet boy! You always write so beautifully...your kids are so blessed to get to look back on their childhood that you recorded in this way!

Dawna said...

So glad I had the chance to witness a few of the wobbly steps before he really took off! He is seriously so very sweet, Chelle, and so are you. I loved, loved, loved spending time with your family a few weeks ago and hope we can do it again soon (this time I'll bring my boys)! Love you so, Chelle. Give that Cracker Jack a big hug from me, please!

Chantel Monet said...

Watching your love affair with Cracker Jack has me so thrilled to have a boy of my very own! My, Jack is precious. His "syrupy sweet grin" gets me every time! What a little love he is!

kt mac said...

he's walking now - wow.
He's so cute cute Chelle!
I really miss picking him up, kissing those cheeks and bending over forward with him just to see his smiley face and giggle when u bring him back up. So so precious!

And ever since I read this post (earlier this morning) I have had the 'Jack Jack' song stuck in my head - I love it!

So loved seeing a post (and photos!) of what life is like for you guys right now.

Catherine said...

He is such a darling!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Those photos are AMAZING. I love the thought of him christening your new home with his steps. So so sweet.

Connie said...

His Nana and Poppy are smitten with him, too! I guess he will live up to my description of a boy...."a loud noise with dirt on it!"

Deborah said...

So glad that I get to claim the little darling as my nephie! So dear.