Thursday, May 06, 2010

I have a lot to blog about.

Like this little conversation over lunch:

Mommy to Annabelle:  "hey Sugie, I was just curious about something. Does water really taste better if you drink it out of a pink cup?
Annabelle to Mommy: ( without a moments hesitation ) " Yes!!!! "
Mommy to Annabelle:  " Why?"
Annabelle to Mommy: " Cause it tastes prettier Mommy."

And the rest will have to wait for a little later.
But stay tuned. I will be back.

And for some really really sweet peeks into our life of late take a little looksie over here.


Catherine said...

My water tastes more passionate in a red cup! Don't you love little girls?

CRJFamily said...

Such a fun age. These girls seriously say some of the silliest, yet sweetest things :) And those pictures make me want to fly Morgan out to the west coast for a tea party! She would have a blast!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Sometimes my girlfriends and I drink our water out of wine glasses - because it becomes fancy water and not only tastes better but makes us feel prettier.

I am so proud of your sweet girl. I am determined to find a pink cup some time very soon!

(PS All lat week I had two bundles of ranunculous (sp?) on my tables. They were gorgeous! ... XOXXOX.)

Leslie said...

I still haven't figured out what the princess cup she was looking for was.... not at all..

your girl is a kick. Seriously.

I just love the...

"In California... there are lots and lots of rollie pollies, everywhere!!"...

haha.. love you all.

Aminta said...

Water will always taste prettier in pink.... for sure! But add a bit of ice to mine and it will be deliciously pretty.... so you think she would agree?
I can just see it now, she is going to have a side job of writing the collunm of pretties in the paper, ofcourse it is only a side job. Because she will be FAR to busy being a fairy.
Kiss that sweet girl for me! And I am dying to have a chat here! So much happened your way since we have had a nice little chat.
Love you sweetest of ladies. said...

she is so your daughter! already seeing the world through rose colored glass. i love it.

and i checked out leslie's photos... and jack's bday and annabelle's fairy party are absolutely dreamy. what precious kiddos. cutest pics ever.

Wahzat Gayle said...

So happy to see you back!
That is the sweetest thing. Girls are the best :)
Have a great weekend

Wahzat Gayle said...

Oh Anabelle is the sweetest sweetest ever those pictures are to die for I agree you should put them up all over your house LOL