Thursday, April 01, 2010

{ it's all the rage }

Pandora, I mean. If you've never heard of it, it's this lovely free, customizeable internet radio.  And I was curious as to which stations are your favorites. I'll share mine, if you let me in on yours? Pretty please?

We love to dance around in the kitchen to the following :

{ Mellow + Indie Artists }

Joshua Radin
Jason Castro
Jakob Dylan
Brett Dennen
Amy Kuney Radio
Zee Avi Radio
Tristan Prettyman
Priscilla Ahn
Brandie Carlile
Jack Johnson
Jason Mraz
Maroon 5
Five for Fighting
The Weepies
Cathrine Feeny
Amos Lee

{ Christian }

JJ Heller
Kendall Payne
Fernado Ortega
Shane + Shane

{ Hint of Bluegrass }

The Walin' Jennys
Alison Krauss
Nickle Creek

{ Misc. }

Rachel Portman
Crazy Frog
Jon Schmidt


Leslie said...

you named most of ours...

we also do Frances England on pandora, its a little more hit and miss

and we do shawn mcdonald
and Matt Costa
and Ben Harper...
and Jadon Lavik
Ali Rodgers

... and a lot of the ones you posted.

sorry for any duplicates...

ohhh and totally trying hint of bluegrass for Nick.... he sure does love his bluegrass. said...

awesome list.
am definitely bookmarking this.
and tuning in...

my pandora needed some fresh beats.

Catherine said...

I've been on to Pandora for awhile, making stations of music I used to have before so many moves cleaned out my collections.

diashermosos said...

How did I not know about this?? Thanks for introducing us to Pandora:) It is love at first {listen} at out house!

Little Candle said...

Oooo I love the Wailin' Jennys!
We love Regina Spektor, Train, Coldplay, David Gray, Five for Fighting and on and on...nice list!

Chantel Monet said...

Ooh thanks for this!

Aminta said...

ooooh! Go and look at my new post ASAP!
Love you!!

Becca said...

This is a good list, I'll have to try some of them. I also listen to Bon Iver, Sondre Lerche (he did a lot of the music for Dan in Real Life) and She and Him

Nikki said...

Who needs Pandora when they have Chelle's blog playlist to tickle their eardrums?! ;-) Seriously, I listen to your blog playlist all. the. time. Yours and Fairlight's. It's pretty much the background of my life right now. I'll have to check out your suggestions on Pandora! If only I had more time to listen....totally wishing I was a busy little housewife (minus the full-time job) this spring!! XO

kt mac said...

So SO sad..

pandora is not available in Australia - due to 'licensing restrictions'. Although I was able to get onto it on my laptop at Leslie's...

Also the same thing has happened to your play list :(

so bummed!

But... I will be sure to check out all these great artists !!

Mary said...

Great list. I love when people share their music picks. I'm going to go listen to a few of yours now - see if I can find some additions to my own music library. Looks like our tastes overlap quite a bit! Thanks!

Kirk and Katrina said...

Love Alison Krauss and Union Station. Also Nickle Creek.