Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Birthday Interview with Annabelle Lucy...

What is your name? Annabelle Lucy, same as my Granniebelle's
What are some of your nicknames? Lucybelle, Sweet Heart, Sugar Plum, Sugar Plum Fairy, Twinkletoes, Beautiful, Sugs, Sparkle Pop, Baby Cakes, LovieHow old are you? today is my last day to be three and the next day is my birthday and I'll be this many on my birthday ( holds up four little fingers )Where do you live? with my brother my Daddy my Mommy, my Uncle
What are your favorite things to do? play dress up, snuggle, have my birthday, and play, to make people laugh by saying silly thingsDo you do them alone or with others? with other one people with my Mommy and Daddy and Audrey sometimesWhat do you like to eat? little cookies, shrimp, sushi, rice, pickled herring, licorice, potatoes, honey mustard dressing, rice
What do you think you will do when you grow up? a mommy to my childrenWhat do you do on your birthday? play with balloons, eat cake, and take candy out of little buckets, have treasure hunts, feed the ducks,
What is your favorite color? pink, green, yellowWhat is your favorite thing to wear? dressesWhat would be the best thing someone could give you? a kitten and a dolly, and a dogWhat do you do all day? play and play and snuggle

What is your favorite toy? the little lamb with a black woolly nose from Aunt LynneyWho loves you the most? Jesus, Mommy + Daddy , Poppy and Nana, Auntie Roo + Uncle Boo, Mor Mor, God my whole family loves me
What is your favorite book? Flicka Ricka and Dicka + Snip Snap and SnurrWhat is something that Mommy always says to you: I love you, good morning sunshine
Where is your favorite place to go? the park, library, pet store
What makes you happy? A big huge lollipop from Auntie Roo, my pink gloves, treasures, thinking about the kitty I am getting tomorrow called Creature.
What was your favorite thing about your 4th birthday? my Daddy-date at the pet store.


Lisa said...

This is incredibly tender. What a sweet heart she has. Happy Birthday!

Chantel Monet said...

Oh, she is precious. What a special birthday!

Nikki said...

This is just about the cutest little interview on earth. I love that her favorite things to wear are dresses, and that she calls her new kitty Creature. So adorable! Thanks for sharing!

AndiMae said...

Oh, Miss Anniebelle! We love you so!

I love that I can hear her sweet little voice answering all of these questions. I love that all of these answers are so completely HER. I love that she mentions her pink gloves + Creature :)

We had so much fun with you all today!

Cat said...

Happy B'day, Annabelle Lucy!

Hesper said...

Oh,sweet Anniebelle,you probably dont remember me.
But,I hold you very close to my heart and think of you often(especially when I need a smile)
I very much wish I could live closer to you and your family.
Have a lovely birthday,dear girl,full of sunshine and giggles!
Love and miss you! said...

She couldn't be more darling. I love all of her little nicknames and that her favorite book is flicka ricka and dicka. love this interview. said...

p.s. HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY! :)

Fairlightday said...

So darling. So 4. :) Love her!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Oh, I could just eat her up, what a sweet thing she is!

I wish she lived next door so she and Lilla could be friends...I think they'd be marvelous together! Too, too sweet.

Happy 4th Birthday Annabelle.

And yes, Jesus loves you most!

wahzat said...

Oh she is the sweetest cutie ever :)
I love that she says Jesus loves her the most you are doing such a good job with her :)

Happy Belated birthday Annabelle