Saturday, February 20, 2010

{ rainshine + sundrops }

Four beautiful years of you sweet girl. And how it has flown. You came to us on a bright and sunny springlike day in February and ever since then you filled our hearts to the brim with your sweet sugar and spice, deep love, spunk and passion for life, followed up by silly peels of laughter. You are rainshine and sundrops to us.
Anniebelle, as the song says, if God made you then He's in love with me.
I am so happy to get to be at your side as you to discover all the delights of being four years old. I have this little feeling, we'll call it a hunch, that it's going to be a grand year for you.
And can I just say, how very dearly I love being your Mommy.
It is one of my very most favorite things in the whole world.

All my love,


Cat said...

Sweet words, Chelle, for your sweet girl. Next weekend I will celebrate b'days: my own 64, my son's 40, and my g-daughter's 14. It is the big four-oh year for each of us on the 27th, 28th, and 29th. I share your love and wonder for a child God created and gave to us. May your darling's year be simply divine!

Nikki said...

Love this photo.
Love your little sundrop Anniebelle.
Love your mama heart!
Love YOU!

Hesper said...

Beautiful post,brought tears to my eyes!
Cant believe she is 4!!!
What a doll she is.