Monday, February 22, 2010

{ the befores }

I would like to introduce you to " Humpty Dumpty. " But consider yourself warned. The pictures to follow are not for the faint of heart.

( main bath )

( staircase )

( kitchen )
( upstairs )

( Annabelle's room )

( upstairs, also Annabelle's room )

This post and this post and this post tell more of the
story of our great big 101 year old project house.

There is a whirlwind of work going on this week to get us moved in by Sunday.

David's to-do list for the week:

  1. Install counter tops + cupboard doors + pulls + kitchen lights + all appliances

  2. Bathroom(s) needs toilets + sinks + vanity+ lights + bathtub oh and a floor. A tiled hexagon floor

  3. Living room and dining room need to be completely painted

  4. Bedrooms need light fixtures + curtain rods

  5. and those are only the big things

Thankfully David has help. He's complied an awesome team of guys making it possible for us to reach our goal of moving in four months after moving here.

Chelle's to-do list for the week:

  1. Pack up the house

  2. Clean this house and the new house

  3. Run any and all errands and help David in any way that I can

  4. And most of all in the coming week I am going to try to keep this in mind:

( print found here )

Come to think of it no one has called the
house humpty-dumpty for a while now.


Fairlightday said...

Of course they haven't called it "humpty dumpty" for a while because it's gorgeous! (So I believe in my mind;) ) Your to-do lists are big and scary, but God is helping you guys through and just think where you will be in 2 weeks! Big huge hug to you!

SuzyQ said...

Love you, babe! This is going to be an amazing week! I'm believing in 'amazing' rather than 'chaotic' :P...

Also, the 'bones' of that house are just brilliant! Can't wait to see how it comes together, because it's going to be fab!

kt mac said...

wow how sad and awful are those before pictures! I can't imagine how anyone can get a house in such a bad state. BIUT I am so so excited to see what your amazing David has done to the place IN PERSON and be one of your first visitors (so honoured about that!!)
Praying for you this week.
lots of love!

Hesper said...

Chelle,my thoughts and prayers are going to be with you all this week.
It will be exciting to see the results though!
I agree with the others though,Its going to be such a lovely house!!!
Cant wait to see it after you and David get done with it,its going to be AWESOME!

Chantel Monet said...

Oh what a horrible time for me to be going on vacation! Luckily I know that you have wonderful people to help you. I will be praying for you especially hard during this week. Try to keep calm for sure! It is so exciting! You were able to take and empty and desolate shell of a house and turn it into a home. And it's going to be the coziest of homes, I know that for sure! Love you sweet girl!!

Chantel Monet said...

PS... CANT WAIT to see {the afters}!!

Cat said...

I think you need Superman t-shirts for all that's been accomplished already! I look forward to the 'after' pics!

Leslie said...

I want to pack up the car right now, and bring another set of man hands to help you out! :) He just said the same thing... and I do think if every other thing wasn't going on 2 weeks from today.. we would... we really would.

Skeller said...

wow! what a huge task!!! I can hardly wait to see the "after" pictures :-).

Many of this house's details (moulding, etc.) look similar to those in the house my bro & sis-in-law just bought on Giles (on South Hill).

Praying for you all and speedy completion and then a well-deserved nap!! :-)

Cottage Mommy said...

Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait to see the afters! Praying for you this you! said...

wow. you so were not exaggerating about the garbage!! it takes a whole lotta courage and heart to transform a humpty dumpty. you've invested so much and i'm excited for you to enjoy its rewards for years and years to come!! i am so anxious to see the afters.:)

p.s. your new kitchen is so destined for better homes and gardens!! i love all of your inspiration pics. mind if i move in?

wahzat said...

WOW so I hope you survived the great big Humpty Dumpty move! :)

HAve had my hands tied so havent been trodding through your parts in awhile... happy to see that you and your precious family are doing great :)

Hugs to you I am off to see what else I missed