Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{ housey house, house }

I wanted to post a little update on the status of our big beautiful work in progress, 100 year old house. We will continue living here in the little summer cottage until October and then into another rental house, preferably within walking distance of our home. The hope + goal is to be able to move in by March.

David, bless his heart has been making the five hour drive on any and all open weekends. I tell him all the time, " it's a good thing your shoulders are nice and big " because he is carrying around quite the work load this summer. Working really long days. So far this week he has averaged 13 hour days. I am blown away by the sacrifices he makes to take such wonderful care of us. Of course he doesn't see it as a sacrifice, it's nothing more than a means by which to love. But this summer especially, in my book, this man is more super hero than he is human.

Anyway he, with the help and expertise of his best friend, who interestingly enough, possesses some super hero powers of his own, have done wonders in saving our garage, which the neighbors told David they were sure was going to collapse during the propping up process. But they did it, don't ask me how but the two of them salvaged the garage and pulled it back into plum and from all reports, the transformation is magical. I wish I had a picture to post, to show before and the afters. Next time I am there, I will try and remember to get pictures so I can see for your self all the progress that is being made.

Meanwhile I am at home, taking care of littles, missing my man and daydreaming about what color this or that room is going to be painted, while making up pictures of future kitchens in my head. Which leads me to this: You see, I have a serious crush on this dress. And as ridiculous as this may sound I want my kitchen to look like this Dress. I think this dress would look amazing as a kitchen. And I love the bright/bold/happy/cheerful accents of color, on pure white. And while we are at it, can I just say that I love this one and this and this. And don't you think this skirt would be oh so cute on her? Or this one on her. And this one on her. And wouldn't this look so very lovely, on her?
Okay, so I got a little sidetracked and now you know what I would do with the money, were I ever to win the lottery. Unfortunately my odds are rather slim, considering that I do not buy lottery tickets.

But I cannot wait to get my hands (scrub + paint brush) on you, great big old neglected house of mine. Superman and I have big plans for you. We are going to make you shine.


kt mac said...

aaaw thank you for letting us know how the house is coming along Chelle.
this was the cutest post!

I hope that awesome super man of yours is able to get you all moved in there by March, so you can be back in your own little home decorating and with more space and selfishly so I get to see it too!

and yes I think we need pictures next time ;)

Miss you

ps. I love LOVE the skirt you picked out for me sweet lady. You ahve great taste. Some yummy eye candy for upcoming summer yay!

also beautiful new display pic :)

kt mac said...

oooh and I can totally see that dress as a kitchen theme! white neutral palette and accents of colours in cute nick nacks etc


Cat said...

Can we see the dress, at least????
In the throes of house-planning too, I am envisioning some things myself. What pleasure it gives me to know that someone else dreams up the colors for rooms based on favorite clothing!! Thank you.

Cottage Mommy said...

Love this post Chelle! Love the dress too! Those are so totally my colors as well and I can totally see it as a kitchen! I drove by your house twice yesterday going to Huckleberries market and I always slow down and check it out! It looks cleaned up on the outside...can tell you are making progress! Oh, and are you buying that darling dress? It was a lovely little price! And thanks for the introduction to that website...I had never seen it before and I love the clothes! I need to wear more dresses!

Chantel Monet said...

Oh heart be still! I can totally envision a kitchen around that dress! You are going to do WONDERS on that house. It will be so exciting to watch the transformation.

Brandon and I took an evening walk toward your street the other night and it was only about ten minutes from my house to yours!

I'm pining to live in a neighborhood like yours, you are SO lucky!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

I'm so sad - for some reason my computer won't let me see the dress! I bet it's magical and stunning.

And aren't husbands the best?


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

How fun to get to plan out so many things with your new home. I am so excited for you! I'm sure you are even going to make it more beautiful than you are even imagining. You certainly have a way about you!

Oh, and I love the dress. Never heard of that store before but they have some great stuff at really reasonable prices. Love it! said...

man, i am dying to see pictures!! it's going to be the most charming home ever. i can only imagine that bright, beautiful kitchen of yours. cheers to all of the elbow grease and one fabulous hardworking guy. :)

Lisa said...

So life is bursting at the seams as alway for you ... house remodeling and husband loving and child nurturing ... and if I could, and if you had the time, I would hire you as personal shopper, too. Loved your links and can't wait to see how you translate the dress into kitchen language. ;)

Connie said...

I have a vintage kitchen table here that might look good in your new kitchen. Remind me to send you a photo!

Connie said...
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