Friday, December 14, 2007

{ Inspired }

By this lady. And made these:

She's absolutely amazing. All about living Happily Ever After. And I totally adore her. And this Christmas she could totally give Martha Stewart a run for her money, if you ask me. And she has a husband who brings her gorgeous sweets to cheer her up. And, saving the best for last, she's got the most darling 6 month old baby girl you've ever, ever seen. Go take a look.
You'll see what I mean.


Leslie said...

your too sweet... :) These bags came out so very cute. I love all your variations on them. So super cute.... :) I see your scrapbook store has the create cafe...isn't it fun! A little pricey but fun.

Where do you get your bakers twine?

Leslie said...

okay off to find some twine.. btw.. the snowflake one on yours is my absolute favorite. I LOVE the velet ribbon. I keep looking at yours! :)

meg said...

Those are lovely, Chelle~ and very inspiring in themselves :-)