Tuesday, December 18, 2007

{ merry making }

So tonight I made my second batch of Christmas cookies, this batch is getting sent to my Grandpa, all excpet for one tray. The one David and Annabelle joined the fun on. And let me tell you it was a jolly sight. That, and a mess ( courtesy of precious 21-month-er ) . Sparkles of red and green everywhere...cookie dough...smashed and crumbled... everywhere... but you should have heard the delighted sighs she gave when David cut out three ginger bread people, a daddy a mommy and a baby, and linked them holding hands together...or the giggle when she saw the imprint of her tiny hand, made with the red and green sugar you sent to us, Leslie. If I could have, I would have frozen time in that moment. I guess that's why I am here right now, writing it down.

As you can see, we've also hung up Christmas lights, me for the first time ever, on the outside of our house. Our oh so thoughtful next door neighbors who offered for us to use their extras. Of course the very best part of it, is hearing Annabelle say when we leave the driveway " bye, bye house, bye, bye kitty, bye, bye twinkey-yites. "

And must share this with you because, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the silly little faces Grannie Annie draws on baby oranges for all of us.

Now for some Christmas tree show and tell:

I stayed up late tonight to among other things, wrap presents. David and I exchange stockings and so I have this shoe box that has TOP SECRET written all over it, which I keep it taped shut at all times. But I have to spill my secrets to someone...and I know they are safe with you, right?
  • gummy worms

  • LED light w/compass key chain sort of thing

  • smoked salmon

  • milk chocolate

  • Blue Diamond Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce Roasted Almonds

  • one black Ipod

  • kippered snacks

  • a enormous pack of gum to help with the fish breath

  • and a note from me, which is actually a quote by Edgar A. Guest that I've adapted..." I am wishing at Christmastime that I could but repay a portion of the gladness that you've strewn along my way. " Except I am changing the last three words to read " throughout my every day."

All wrapped up now, incase he is tempted to peek. And now I better hurry off to bed before it's time to get up again.


Fairlightday said...

Absolute joy, dear friend. Your house looks darling for Christmas and your lights are lovely. I'm so glad you guys had fun making cookies together. We are waiting until my parents arrive to embark on that expedition once again. :) I figure 6 sets of of hands are better than 2. lol I can't wait to hear David's comments when he opens the iPod. You must must share when he does. :) Love you!

lolly lisa said...

Hi Chelle - I am the girl you made the baby shower and birthday banners for. I just started my own blog, as you know I have been reading yours for some time now. I am thrilled you were able to get the IPod for your husband - He is going to love it! Enjoy those Christmas lights and the joy of a little girl at Christmas!

lolly lisa said...

You are so sweet, Chelle. Thank you for your kind words!

Connie said...

This brings back memories of Gingerbread cookie baking with you and Nate... Mess, indeed!
The 'twinky-yites' look very nice on your cozy little home.
I guess David is banned from your blog, since you spilled the beans about his stocking gifts? :-)
Love every Day...

poppy said...

Merry Christmas to the shiny lights that reside in your house.....I love those three gingerbread people, so happy.
If we could have enough space when we get old to bring back those memories, or if we only had blogs way back when. Thank you for sharing all your special thoughts, even as your dad I take a peek to help understand "the value of cheerfulness". You are truly a light shining in a dark world!

Leslie said...

Love the Christmas lights, and the sled by your tree, and your tree.. and the oranges.. and its all so sweet.. AND LOVE how hard you worked on getting that Ipod for your sweet Man. What a wonderfull wonderfull Christmas pots!

laurenk said...

The tree looks great and so glad the iPod happened!

Leslie said...

oh my goodness, peeked back here, just to smile again admist my steam cleaning fest over here, and read what your dad wrote, if that isn't the sweetest sweetest thing ever. Between that and your mom no wonder you are the joy you are....
really precious Chelle. No doubt your raising Anabelle by such a great example. :)

lolly lisa said...

It is wonderful living next door to my sister - we are blessed! Have a wonderful time in ID. Wishing you safe travels and a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones...

Aunt Tea said...

hopefully....he doesn't know my very sneaky barely perceptible method of peeking at WRAPPED presents. Ü

love the peek into your christmas. wanted more. Ü Ü